China is one of Poland's main trading partners. Moreover, the trade in goods between the Republic of Poland and the PRC has a constant upward trend. More and more business entities cooperate with Chinese partners. At the same time, one of the main problems in this cooperation, due to the distance between the sender and the recipient of the cargo, is the transport of goods. What opportunities does modern technology offer importers in this regard? transport from China to Poland? 

Transport goods from China 

The distance between Europe and the People's Republic of China reaches 10 km. km. This distance makes the transport of goods on this route quite complicated and requires the use of appropriate means of transport. In fact, three types of transport work well over such long distances: sea freight, rail and air transport. Transport of cargo by trucks is complementary and is carried out only as part of the delivery of cargo to and from reloading terminals.  

A huge variety of products are imported from China to Poland. The most popular goods imported from the PRC are electronics, electromechanical and electrical devices, clothing, industrial parts, machines, toys, sports equipment, as well as furniture and lighting, optical equipment, footwear and footwear accessories. Chinese food is also increasingly imported to Poland. 

Deciding to import goods from China, the entrepreneur must take into account several factors taking into account the specificity import from China. These include, in particular, transport time and costs, the type of cargo transported, and geopolitical conditions. Each with available transportation options goods from China has its advantages and limitations. So what form of transport should you choose? goods from China to Poland? Should you choose sea, air or rail transport?

Transportation of cargo from China by sea freight

Without a doubt, container ship transport is the most common way of transporting cargo from the PRC. 80-90% of all Polish entrepreneurs choose this means of transport import from China. Huge container ships with a capacity exceeding 20. containers allow for delivery from China to Poland in unlimited number, weight and dimensions of goods. It is also usually the cheapest way to transport cargo from China. Usually, because rail transport may be competitive in this respect, especially in the transport of general cargo. 

At the same time sea ​​transport from China is characterized by the longest cargo transit time. Transport from the Chinese transshipment terminal to the Polish port usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. Adding to this the need for transport from the sender and to the recipient, this time may be extended by another 2 weeks. Moreover, sea freight is sensitive to weather conditions (storms) and unexpected blockages of the Suez Canal, which lies on the main transport route from China to Europe. At the same time, container ships are increasingly exposed to maritime piracy, which is developing on sea routes, including the Red Sea, which is the route to the Suez Canal. 

Import from China by rail

Import from China to Poland can also be successfully implemented by rail. Express freight trains running along the New Silk Road ensure smooth deliveries in accordance with a predetermined timetable covering several dozen trains a week. Rail transport from China to Poland from the hub in the PRC to the transhipment terminal in Małaszewicze, Poland, takes from 9 to 14 days. As a result, global transportation time container from China from the sender to the recipient takes no longer than 1 month and takes 24-29 days. It causes that import of goods from China to Poland This means of transport is 2-3 times shorter than by sea freight. 

Advantage rail transport from China to Poland there is high cargo security. Trains are not sensitive to weather changes and pass through areas with very low population density. What's more, railway from China to Poland is constantly monitored using GPS devices, which allows us to determine a specific delivery date with high probability (it should be emphasized that this is impossible in the case of sea transport). 

How much does a container from China cost? brought by rail? Another advantage of rail transport is its price. Carriage container from China rail freight is usually more expensive than by container ship, but the difference is usually 20-30%. It is also worth emphasizing that trains offer favorable prices for general cargo carriage goods from China. Transporting cargo in a container shared with another entrepreneur using express freight trains may be cheaper than by sea freight. 

Air transport in the transport of cargo from China

Without a doubt, air transport is the fastest way to importing goods from China to Poland. Typically, the global transit time of cargo is up to 10 days. At the same time, the price of such services is several times higher than using container ships or trains. It is also worth emphasizing size limitations shipments from China to Poland. 

Choosing a way carriage kinteners from China to Poland you should pay attention not only to what it is like container cost from China in terms of transport, but also on the transport time and the level of cargo safety. It is also worth using the services of experienced forwarders specializing in: importing goods from Chinawho will propose a number of options tailored to the needs of your company and will ensure that the transport is carried out correctly and safely.