Air freight it is by far the fastest and safest way to transport a variety of goods, especially those that require rapid transport. It allows you to significantly shorten the delivery time even to the farthest corners of the world. As experienced air freight forwarder, signature Symlog provides a comprehensive approach to this task. Check our offer and see how we can help you.

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Due to experience, the organization of transport is not a challenge for our company. During the execution of the order, we take into account all legal provisions and additional regulations. At the same time, we do not ignore the factthat each transport and forwarding process is different and is different rules.

The most important thing for us, however, is listening to individual customer needsso as to be able to offer him specific service and price solutions. Air Transport is an important part of our business, therefore we are able to offer a very wide range of activities. For this reason, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the available offer and contact us. We are happy to present you the best solutions.


By far the most important advantage of deliveries made way aviation it is possible to move loads quickly, especially over long distances. It is also the most modern and dynamically developing branch of transport, guaranteeing a number of possibilities and a high level of safety. For this reason air freight is able to meet even the most urgent logistic needs.

Symlog deals with comprehensive organization air transport, as well as the preparation of all necessary documents. Moreover, we also represent you in customs matters, as part of the transport of goods by air. We ensure effective operation regardless of the size of the load and the place of delivery. Based on available offer, we contact the selected line, while looking for beneficial solutions.

We guarantee the selection of the best air carrier, providing the best rates. Before the planned shipment of goods, we check and coordinate the completion of all necessary documents for execution air transport.


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If you are looking for a partner who will provide logistic support at every stage of the transport of goods by air, the company's offer Symlog meet your expectations. We know very well how many benefits it can guarantee shipping aviationtherefore we prepare a very wide offer each time. It includes, inter alia:

  • comprehensive service,
  • operations and services organized at most airports in the world,
  • an effective method of preparing documentation and a full range of insurance,
  • forwarding and customs services,
  • competitive rates,
  • express delivery of air shipments,
  • organizing the delivery of shipments to and from the airports straight to the place of destination, using other means of transport.

Air shipments in import we check in at the airports in Poland, Europe, Asia and both Americas. We provide quick and efficient implementation of all formalities, as well as effective organization of cargo receipts. Any goods transported by road aviation they reach their destination within a few days from the date of sending.

Why do we operate so quickly and efficiently? Because we cooperate with the most important airlineswhile offering competitive rates and complex operational solutions. We also care about ours professional knowledge was a strong support for you, and all cooperation was mutually beneficial each time.


The use of modern methods and processes during the implementation of shipping services is very important. For this reason, we always present optimal solutions, based on the information provided to us by our clients. You can find out about it by deciding to contact us.

One of the particularly effective methods of transport is just air freight. It provides a number of benefits that are difficult to ignore. Among the most important, we can mention:

  • very short delivery time,
  • the ability to reach every corner of the world, which will expand your import and export opportunities,
  • handling of various types of goods, including those particularly sensitive and perishable
  • high level of safety - air accidents are very rare,
  • a reduced number of transhipments, which reduces the risk of possible damage to the shipment.
Air Transport


Under air transport we also offer full forwarding service from the moment of receipt of the goods to the moment of their delivery to the recipient. All that taking into account multimodal transport, necessary reloading and storage, or other services that will be necessary to perform the order.

These types of orders are related to the comprehensive organization and coordination air transportas well as related transportation by other methods. Our company always chooses the optimal means of transport, and also ensures that the cargo is picked up at the right time and place, and then cleared and delivered to its destination.

We also provide efficient shipment monitoring - upon your request, we will immediately inform you where the goods are. From cooperating with us carriers, we require constant contact. This form of cooperation will be extremely beneficial for you. You don't have to waste time organizing the transport of your goods, so you can focus on developing and improving your own company. Why is it worth cooperating with the company? Symlog? Because we ensure effective, leading to reduce the operating costs of the enterprise and improve its position on the market. Whether it is about air Transport or by other means

Our employees have many years experience as well as qualifications that they allow them not only efficiently organize the entire transport process, but also to provide advice and assistance on all issues related to it. We guarantee that it is commissioned to us shipping service will be implemented efficiently, in a manner tailored to your requirements. We are always happy when a satisfied customer comes back to us with another order.