Multimodal transport is a safe, fast and cost-optimized solution way of transporting goods. It works perfectly on the free market, increasing the competitiveness of the functioning of the enterprises that use it.

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International multimodal transport means the transport of goods using at least two different modes of transport, under a multimodal transport contract, from a place located in one country, where the goods were taken over by the operator multimodal transport, to a named destination in another country.

Multimodal services they are modern and flexible. Symlog adapts them to the requirements and expectations of its clients. This is the most efficient way to transport goods door-to-door.


Multimodal services is a modern solution that allows you to use various types of transport for the purpose optimized parcel delivery. For this purpose, the functionalities offered by:
car transport,
maritime transport,
railway transport.

They can carry out transport of the nature without restrictions international and intercontinentalwhile taking into account the door-to-door freight service.

Multimodal transport allows reduce transportation costs and shorten delivery times. Due to the fact that it is carried out by one operator, it is also less complicated in formal terms. Thanks to the experience in organization of multimodal transport w Symlog we are able to transport even the most demanding loads.


As part of the transport services we offer, we provide: intermodal transport. They are implemented using at least two modes of transport and this one the loading unit itself (e.g. container or swap body) along the entire route, without reloading, which distinguishes it from multimodal transport. These include, for example: 

  • road and sea transport,
  • rail and sea transport,
  • road, rail and sea transport,
  • road, rail and air transport.

Why is it worth choosing intermodal transport? Symlog?

Reducing transport costs

Connection various branches of transport allows you to optimize transport costs. As a result, intermodal deliveries - although they usually take longer - are cheaper than carriage of goods using one branch of transport.

Carbon footprint reduction

Application different types transport allows you to reduce CO emissions2 and other greenhouse gases, and as a result, reduce the carbon footprint associated with movement of goods from point A to point B.

Minimum formalities

In intermodal transport, transport is carried out on the basis of one contract, and one person is responsible for the delivery intermodal transport operator. This allows for simplification of related procedures with the organization of transport and reduces formalities to a minimum.


We do our best to load unit i transported goods have arrived at destination without compromising quality. We use numerous security measures that limit risk of damage to a minimum.


Even though it's combustion lorries they constitute less than 5 percent. the entire fleet that travels on European roads, they account for 22 percent. emissions come from road transport in the EU. It is therefore not surprising that there is more and more talk about the need to reduce their negative impact on the environment, including: through sanctions.

As it turns out, the very use of zero-emission technologies in... international transport road traffic will not be enough to ensure that by 2050 achieve climate neutralityto which the European Union has committed itself. More extensive action is needed.

One of them is greater use intermodal transport. It is estimated that it is able to reduce the carbon footprint and CO emissions2 caused by the transport of goods by up to 60-90 percent. compared to long-distance road transport.

Therefore v Symlog we focus on pro-ecological intermodal transport and reducing the carbon footprint. How do we do it?

  1. We are constantly introducing new international intermodal connections, including e.g. road and sea transport
  2. We optimize supply chains for CO2. We carry out numerous warehouse operations in which we are able to efficiently collect goods, consolidate them and send them to the destination country or, if necessary, deconsolidate loads and distribute them by parcel.
  3. We use the latest technologies, which facilitate the monitoring of CO emissions2 during our transports

Do you want to be more eco? Do you care about deliveries that are safer for the environment? Choose intermodal and multimodal transport start reducing your carbon footprint from In a second.


Both intermodal transport and  Multimodal transport they are perfect for sending goods over long distances, both intercontinental and within the European market.

A perfect example multimodal services is the transport of goods from European countries: for example from Spain or Ireland to the CIS countries. In such cases Symlog organizes the entire range of services international shipping:

• railway transport,
• car transport,
• maritime transport,
• container transport.

Besides, to our clients we offer comprehensive services and tasks related to the transport of goods "from door to door". As part of them, we provide:

• reloading,
• customs clearance,
• possible storage on the route,
• Cargo insurance,
• monitoring of shipments along the route.

Multimodal transport or intermodal may be easier than you think. All you need to do is choose an operator who has experience and is able to:value usefulness individual means of transport and use them skillfully so that they serve your business goals. If alone road transport is no longer enough for you and you are looking for professional support in organizing multimodal and intermodal transport, contact our expert.