Since 2013 we offer you transportation of containerized goods carried by rail on route China – Poland and Poland – China. This service is aimed at all those interested in trade in goods with China like: trading, manufacturing and forwarding companies.

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With the increasing interest of Polish and EU enterprises in the field of economic exchange with China, the demand for the transport of goods from China to Poland and in the opposite direction is constantly increasing. The Symlog company offers you an extremely convenient and at the same time fully optimized solution for container transport from far Asia.

As one of the first companies in Poland, already in 2013 we offer you containerized transport of goods carried out by rail transport on the route China – Poland and Poland – China. We direct the service of the Rail Silk Road to all entities interested in trade in goods with China: trade, production and forwarding companies.


All consignments carry out door-to-door. We have custody of the goods from the reception at the shipper till handing over the consignment to its destination. In the framework of rail transport from China to Poland we provide:

  • pick up of goods from the shipper;
  • customs and terminal services at several rail terminals in China;
  • containers rail transport  to Poland;
  • daily updated position of the train along with the expected date of delivery;
  • complete customs (including the customs transfers T1, and final customs clearance);
  • handling, palletizing, any storage of goods;
  • its distribution to the destination.


Time – time is money, so Symlog limits the container delivery time to 10-14 days (transit time from the railway terminal in China to the Polish border – Małaszewicze) or up to 20-24 days (for a complete door-to-door supply chain). Connections are carried out using express freight trains, which start from China, through Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, avoiding the most flammable points in this part of the world. Depending on the terminal chosen in China, the transit time may be slightly different. Transporting goods by Rail Silk Road is a solution more reliable and faster than in the case of transport by sea.

Price – several years ago, intermodal rail transport was a fast transport of goods at a relatively low price compared to air shipments, but it was much more expensive than sea transport. In recent years, a lot has changed. Our company knows how to make rail transport not only a faster, but cheaper solution than sea transport. Contact us and we will teach you to use the full potential of the Railway Silk Road.

Frequency – in 2013, 80 trains were launched towards Europe. In 2017, it was 2,299 trains to Europe and 1,297 from Europe to China. Newest statistics for 2018 by our CEO – Mr. Bartosz Miszkiewicz are available here. This means that the Railway Silk Road is a daily service tailored to the customer’s needs. Timetables of our main partner are published every month in the News tab.

From Poland to the whole Europe – all goods transported by trains from China to Poland can ultimately be delivered to customers located all over Europe. We provide this service using rail, car or intermodal transport. Using our experience in international forwarding, we always suggest what type of transport should be used for a given route and type of goods. We also provide direct, railway deliveries from China to Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

For large and small – our clients are both sole small companies and corporations. Individual customers and forwarders. We organize transports of standard full container transports (FCL) and we also handle groupage shipments (LCL) starting from 1 m3, using our weekly service. Transport is organized in 20’GP, 20’HC, 40’GP, 40’HC containers. For transports requiring controlled temperature, we recommend 40’RF and 45’RFHC refrigerated containers. We also offer open-top containers (OT) as well as containers with clothes hangers (HT). Full-train deliveries, also consolidated from many senders, are also serviced in the door-to-door formula.

Clear rules – by ordering the rail transport of goods to our company, you can be sure of high quality services, confidentiality and individual approach to each contractor. Our offers do not have “hooks”, are legible and are usually limited to a single rate for all door-to-door service.

Comprehensiveness – using our services you do not have to look for other suppliers. We run the entire door-to-door process so that our clients can focus on their core-business instead of worrying about logistics.

Be Eco – rail is the most environmentally friendly of all the modes of transport used goods. Now also your company can in an environmentally safe way to use transport services.

Trading with China? Choose rail transport! The company Symlog guarantees you the best deals and competitive prices. With us, you can transport your goods from China to Poland and back quickly, securely and at a competitive price.

It is always worthwhile to work with us!