Containers are an increasingly popular means of transporting goods. They guarantee a high level of safety for the things they contain, as well as the optimization of transport costs. This is one of the reasons why they are perfect for multimodal forwarding and in long-distance transport.

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W Symlog we organize most often intermodal transport by containers 20 ', 40' and 45 'HC. Suitable they are used to ship various types of goods, always ensuring their full protection. Moreover, we also offer transport of refrigerated, open-top and "platform" containers.

You do not know, which type of container will best suit your requirements and the specifics of the transported cargo? Not lost! We provide professional advice and comprehensive assistance in choosing the best solutions. Then we will pick up the container in a special, properly prepared car and organize the entire transport. Thanks to this, you will save time and financial resources.

Container transport - scope of services

We implement the full cycle of organization intermodal forwarding - from the place of origin to the addressee (door-to-door). We want to provide comprehensive services, regardless of the specificity of the order and the type of cargo. As part of our activities, we provide:

  • development of the optimal route of transport in terms of costs and time;
  • assistance in choosing the size and type of container;
  • booking a place on a train or a ship;
  • collection of goods by road transport with a container chassis;
  • reloading of the container depending on the destination - by ship or rail;
  • completing customs formalities after reaching the indicated port;
  • reloading of the container onto a truck;
  • transport by car with container chassis to the place of collection.
container shipping


Symlog offers to its clients intermodal container shipping all over the world. We will carry out successful transport to the most remote places on the globe - to Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

Because a number of benefits related to cost optimization, as well as high transport efficiency, container transport It is also perfect for long-distance rail freight - for example in relation Poland-China.

Our specialty is also container forwarding to European countries. Quick (and at great prices) we will transport goods packed in containers to such countries as: Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Italy. In the case of this type of destination, car forwarding it is not very competitive in price due to few return loads. Our services will therefore ensure the optimization of transport costs.

On these routes, we use 45'HCPW containers, which correspond to the size of trucks. They can take 24 tons of goods and 33 euro pallets - their cubature is about 89 m3. Their exact dimensions are presented in here.


Container transport organized by us allows you to reduce the cost of transporting many goods. This is due to the unification of shipment sizes to several types of containers.

This type of shipping it is also much faster to use in the event of a change of means of transport, which makes it extremely convenient in the implementation multimodal services, using various possibilities of transporting goods - from sea, through road, to rail.

Container forwarding is an excellent alternative to the traditional transport of goods by trucks. It allows for quick organization and optimization of transport costs. An additional advantage of our company is full taking care of the entrusted goods. Furthermore, Symlog:

  • performs any customs clearance;
  • will provide Cargo insurance;
  • monitors shipments.

So if you care about the efficient transport of cargo of various specificities, as well as professionally carried out multimodal forwarding, we encourage you to contact us and get acquainted with our offer.