safe transport of goods

Multimodal transport is a response to the demand resulting from the dynamically developing intercontinental trade.It is an optimal solution, the advantages of which are the price and transport time of various types of goods.

Intermodal, i.e. combined transport

Multimodal transport is a modern and flexible solution related to the transport of goods over long distances. Its basic feature is the use of at least two means of transport - it is common to combine rail, sea and road transport.

Multimodal transport increases the group of interested customers all over the world - also in Poland. Moreover, our country can be treated as a gate through which one of the routes runs New Silk Road connecting producers and customers located in Asian and European countries. Our company offers services in the field of organization of multimodal transport, in addition, we are responsible for reactivating the New Jsilk Trail in Poland. Undisputed advantages multimodal transport they are relatively short transport times, low price, safety and convenient container transport.

Speed ​​of transportation

What characterizes multimodal transport is a fast delivery time for goods. Thanks to connecting container forwarding with rail, road or sea it is possible shortening the transport time of given products by up to half. What does this mean for the economy? A chance to develop trade in products, the availability of which depends on the shelf life or seasonality - for example, food or clothing.

Which results in saving time related to the transport of goods within multimodal transport? This type of transport uses standardized containers that are not repackaged during transport. In addition, it uses an optimal means of transport adapted to the capabilities of a given terrain - container ships at sea, railroads on land or trucks.  Multimodal transport it also relies heavily on express freight trains - this is the case with the transport of goods from China to Europe.

Favorable price

When looking at the prices of various forwarding models, the differences that are usually a derivative of the time of transporting goods are immediately noticeable. Sea transport is absolutely the cheapest - this, however, between China and Poland takes up to 60 days. Transport is absolutely the fastest airwhich, however, is extremely expensive and allows the transport of a limited number of goods.

Multimodal transport it combines a reasonable price with a short delivery time, making it an optimal solution for entrepreneurs who care about the competitiveness of their companies in terms of the pace of goods delivery and the price paid for it. What's more - multimodal transport does not limit the amount of transported goods.

What is worth transporting

Multimodal forwarding does not limit the scope of transported goods. The containers used in this type of transport allow you to transport any cargo. The SYMLOG offer in the field of goods transport by multimodal transport is mainly used gp (general purpose) containers - general purpose, containers ot with an open roof, containers hc with increased height and containers ref (cold stores) manufactured for transport products food. Their unified sizes allow for convenient packing of goods and fast and trouble-free transport without the need to repackage products along the entire route.

Thanks to the use of containers, it is possible to transport both goods in cardboard boxes, palletizedas well as loose. They can transport both clothes on hangers and food products.

Shipment security

Transport over long distances is always associated with the risk of losing goods. However shipping multimodal, unlike the sea - exposed to attacks by modern pirates - I guarantee tall level safety. Transportation of goods over long distances is carried out areas free from turbulence of war and politically stable. An example is the multimodal forwarding organized on the New Silk Road. Express trains freight additionally they are monitored, which additionally increases the safety of transported goods.

Multimodal transport - the best solution

Multimodal transport compared to other types of forwarding, it is the optimal solution. Relatively fast pace of transport, high security, flexibility in the transport of goods, and competitive Dinner make more and more entrepreneurs abandon the traditional model of transporting goods by sea in favor of forwarding multimodal.

This trend confirms the dynamic development The New Silk Road. Back to the idea of ​​using express freight trains turned out to be a success - SYMLOG already offers a system of 8 trains a week from Zhengzhou to Europe.