Despite the growing demand for sea freight, the volume of which has now returned to pre-pandemic levels, all Chinese ports have been unblocked and market prices have fallen, the demand for rail freight seems to only increase. 

After the tough period of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, customers needed time to realize that the transport routes were not compromised, and that round-trip services were still being carried out.

The momentary turmoil in the market, which has led to both sea and air transport overruns, seems to be finally coming to an end. Despite temporary downtime and problems, trains continue to run to China, carrying hundreds of tons of goods. Currently, it takes 18 days to move cargo from China to Poland by rail, which is more than twice as fast as the same project carried out by ship. With prices getting closer and closer, given the reliability of rail transport, the choice seems obvious.

(Source: Bartosz Miszkiewicz for the Republic of Poland)