The demand for sea transport is declining. This is good news for importers as punctuality is increasing and prices are low.

Forwarders and port workers are surprised by the scale of the decline in prices of sea shipments. Transporting a 40-foot container from China costs 3,5 thousand. hole. The Drewery Index for October 20 points to a 3% drop in prices last week to $ 3383,5. for a 40-foot container. It is about 66 percent. less than a year earlier.

Rail transport is slowly getting cheaper and transport from China to Poland costs 7-8 thousand. hole. Railway general cargo works well. Traffic on railways from Asia is smooth, without traffic jams, so the importer can expect to have goods in stock in 25-26 days. He points out that the demand for rail transport from China also depends on the epidemiological situation in China. - Zero covid policy causes instability. When the Chinese government closed the port in Ningbo 3 days ago, more loads appeared on the railroad immediately, because it is still working - emphasizes Miszkiewicz. 

(Source: Bartosz Miszkiewicz for the Republic of Poland)