Railway in international and even intercontinental transport has been used for many years. On the other hand, the introduction of a new solution, which is the freight express trains market, changed the transport industry, which is particularly visible in contacts between Europe and Asia.

The demand for express rail connections is a response to the market needs

Railway transport, also on long routes is gradually gaining popularity. His Dinner is characterized by significant stability, compared to maritime transport, a Time transport of products and goods is immeasurably shorter. However, with regard to air transport college offers definitely lower freight rates. Although comparing trains to sea transport, rail freight prices, with which the client must take into account, are pale, but the transport time definitely speaks in favor of choosing such a solution.

However, what if the trader cares about quick completion of the transport of goodsand at the same time he does not want to, or cannot, decide on the fastest form of transport, namely air transport? The solution is then express freight trainswhich have many advantages, the most important of which are low cost of transport and speed.

Express railway - solutions for those in a hurry

Express freight trains are a fairly new solution that has been steadily gaining popularity since it was reactivated New Silk Road. It's a solution that uses freight express trains,  it contributes directly to the intensification of trade between European Union and The People's Republic of China. Railway forwarding it is therefore a solution for all who expect favorable price for the transport of goods. Train transportation charges are definitely more attractive than the price of air transport on the same route. Although she is higher than when using z transport maritime, in this case there the possibility of delivering goods twice or three times faster than the time of the service offered by sea freight.

Carriage products by express by freight trains it is possible with virtually no restrictions in terms of the amount of transported goods. Transportation is carried out with the use of standardized containers. It is also worth emphasizing that the use of containers it speeds up the transport itself and lowers its price, because in this way the handling costs are reduced.

Advantages of long-distance rail freight forwarding

Although in the case of express rail freight trains travel really impressive distances, the total is ensured safety of goods. Thanks to containerization, the goods remain securely closed, only customs chamber employees have access to them. Freight trains along the entire route are monitoredwhich additionally raises security sent products.

It is worth emphasizing that transport by trains jest safe for the environment, because it emits few harmful substances.

Who uses this form of transport?

Express freight trains include solution for everyone entrepreneurswho import or export goods on Far East. Choosing such an option allows make the transport quickly, while not exposing your business to high koszty.

FASTER THAN BY SHIP, CHEAPER THAN BY PLANE - this slogan should guide you freight express trains!! All those customers who care about transporting larger batches of goods, quickly, safely and inexpensively, choose this form of transport.