📢 Dear Customers,

In the face of the introduction of a blockade of car traffic on the Polish-Belarusian border, we would like to offer you a revolutionary solution - intermodal transport to places in the Far East, such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan or Georgia. Thanks to our rail transport service, we can ensure free movement of goods, regardless of road restrictions resulting from the current situation on the Polish-Belarusian border. In addition, as one of the few companies on the market, we specialize in rail transport to Asia. We have our own containers and have direct contracts with rail carriers, which allows us to reduce costs and ensure the availability of transport capacity. 🚛❌➡️🚂✅

🌍 Far East - new perspectives

🌍 Our company offers reliable rail transport services to destinations in the Far East. Thanks to this innovative approach, the goods can travel freely, regardless of the road restrictions resulting from the blockade on the Polish-Belarusian border.

🌐 Intermodal rail transport to the Far East guarantees higher reliability and safety compared to traditional car transport. The services provided by our company are carefully planned, minimizing the risk of delays and damage to goods. You can rest assured that your goods will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

✨ 🚂 💪 Why is it worth taking advantage of our offer of intermodal rail transport? Here are some potential benefits:

  1. Bypassing border restrictions: Containerized rail transport avoids potential border crossing restrictions, leading to smoother and more reliable transport.
  2. Reduction of transport time: In some cases, rail transport can be faster than road transport, especially if there are well-developed rail routes and efficient connections.
  3. Transport security: Rail transport usually offers a higher level of security than road transport, which minimizes the risk of damage or theft of goods.
  4. Environmental protection: Rail container transport is more environmentally friendly, generating less CO2 emissions per unit of transported goods. Freight trains are more energy efficient and efficient, and can run on greener energy sources such as electricity.
  5. Easier logistics organization: The use of containerized rail transport facilitates logistics planning, especially when there are fixed routes and schedules for freight trains.
  6. Unique competences: As one of the few companies, we specialize in rail transport to Asia. We have our own containers and have direct contracts with railway carriers, which reduces costs and ensures the availability of transport capacity.

🚀 Choose our company! 🚀 We encourage you to use our intermodal rail transport services to the Far East. We offer not only reliability and safety, but also professional service and comprehensive logistic support. Don't be limited! Discover a new era in freight transport. Choose modal rail transport to the Far East - a safe, reliable and effective solution. Contact us today and learn more about our transport services!

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