Thanks to the independence of our company in relation to large transport groups, we can use all tools available on the forwarding market, such as rolling stock or terminals, guided only by the quality of service and price, without the need to work in a specific group and use its tools. When creating an offer, we take into account the expectations of customers, which is why we approach each service in an individual way, offering the best solutions. Our experienced specialists constantly watch over the correct course of each order, thanks to which the services we offer remain at the highest level. In this way, our clients gain safety, peace and comprehensiveness of the commissioned tasks shipments. Our specialty is container shipping - both this one international, as well as intercontinental, thanks to which we ensure constant communication, among others with Asian markets. We will undertake each transport, taking into account its course with the client. Our modern and proven fleet of trucks and vans provides the transfer of various types of goods - ranging from courier shipments po general cargo i full truck loads.

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Thanks to the flexibility and the ability to adapt to your expectations, we are able to provide every service, moreover, valuing the time of our clients, we prepare the necessary documentation and organizing the entire transport process. Willing to provide versatility shipping services we offer transportation by multiple means of transport - except sea ​​and rail freight we also organize truck transportthat meet all safety standards. We avoid half-measures and use only proven solutions that positively affect the level of our services. Choosing Symlog you receive a solid and reliable business partner.


Since 2013 Symlog actively participates in reactivating the idea of ​​the Silk Road. Together with Chinese partners, we organize freight transport between Europe and China by expressways intermodal freight trains. We offer forwarding both full container shipments (FCL) and groupage shipments (LCL). It is a great alternative to sea ​​and air transport. Thanks regularity of journeys we provide a permanent and safe option free trade. By choosing our company, clients gain full insight into the service along with the possibility tracking the location of the shipment and use the additional one door to door optionwhich provides rail transport from China to Poland from the moment of loading the goods to their collection in a designated place in the country or abroad. 

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We believe that the continuous development and expansion of the offer will allow us to meet the highest standards that we have been implementing for years. By focusing on innovative solutions, we use multimodal transportwhich not only translates to attractive price of transport orders, but also meets the latest transport requirements while protecting the environment. We have a modern fleet of trucks, thanks to which we enable delivery of goods from anywhere in Europe. Using rail freight reduces the risk of damage to the goods, while allowing it fast transport. Offer Symlog it favors all enterprises wishing to conduct permanent trade cooperation. This solution is very popular with our customers. We encourage you to contact us to learn about the details of our offer.


We are pleased to announce that our activities related to cooperation in the organization of transport processes have been awarded With the Golden Statuette in the Planned, Organization and Management categories in the 2012 INNOVATION AWARD IN TRANSPORT competition.

The 2012 Transport Innovation Awards were awarded under the auspices of the Representation of the European Commission in Poland, the Polish Chamber of Commerce, Kozminski University and the Transport Innovation Center, a project initiated and coordinated by the Foundation for Transport and Infrastructure Analysis, in cooperation with the Polish Foundation for the Promotion of Personnel.

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We believe that hard work influences the trust and satisfaction of our clients, which is why we constantly develop our skills to meet all the expectations of our business partners. For years, we have been using the latest solutions that not only raise the standard of our services transport services, but we also care about safety during cargo transportation customers. Symlog is a proven and experienced offering company comprehensive forwarding services. We ensure connectivity with the whole world, thus by using the services of one company, you are guaranteed that it will take care of every stage of transport in accordance with the contract. Keeping a constant overview of orders, we react on an ongoing basis, preventing external factors, thanks to which you receive the cargo on time. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our company in the field of forwarding and transport services - our consultants will create a service tailored to your needs.


symlog award

We won the award as a group in charge participation in the construction and implementation of the T-Scale R11 system; Group purchases of transport services. We did it together with the following partners:

  • Institute of Logistics and Warehousing;
  • ECR Polska;
  • Bakalland SA;
  • Wendre Poland Sp. z o. o.
  • Farmada Transport Sp. z o. o.
  • Bonduelle Polska SA

This distinction mobilizes us to undertake further innovative activities in the coming years. Thanks to continuous development, we can offer you the latest solutions in the field of transportthat will meet all expectations. Our clients gain many opportunities organization of transport, faster service period and attractive rates. Such a bundle of benefits allows you to enjoy timely delivery of cargo and acquire new business partners providing services on foreign markets.