China, as an economic power, produces a lot of goods that are successfully used both in Europe and on our home market. Intercontinental transfer of goods is possible using different transport sources. Each of these solutions has its own strengths. So what to consider when transiting products from China? Which turns out to be better: intermodal train from China, transfer by sea, or maybe air transport?

Train - a proven solution

By using express freight trains that connect Poland and China via the Silk Road, freight transport is an extremely fast and cost-effective solution. Thanks to rail transport, it is possible to transport various types of products - both general and oversized. It is a comfortable solution because it does not have any major quantitative restrictions, and due to cyclical courses, it is available almost immediately. What's more, in this case, usually the goods are picked up from the customer and delivered to the indicated address in the country. The advantage from the customer's point of view is also the fact that he is also not obliged to deal with customs clearance, because also in this respect the carrier takes control of the transport. Intermodal trains from China also ensure a relatively short implementation time, as in the case of comprehensive service the operation time is about 3-4 weeks.

Container ship - long range at low cost

It cannot be denied that ships are an interesting alternative to the previously discussed trains from China. It is worth emphasizing that large container ships also in this case have a virtually unlimited load capacity. The universal sizes of the containers and their construction allow for the transport of various types of goods, as well as further delivery to the customer by means of trucks. Many customers appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of this solution. Compared to rail routes, the delivery time by sea is significantly extended.

Ship, railway - or maybe a plane?

In the case of a need for fast delivery, it is an unbeatable solution, because a flight from China to Europe takes only several hours. Unfortunately, in this case the quantity and weight of the transported cargo may be a limitation. Due to the design limitations of the aircraft, it is an effective solution recommended for customers who want to outsource groupage transport. It is also worth emphasizing that air Transport takes place almost every day, which makes it a widely used means of transport.

So what to choose?

At this point, you need to answer a few important questions - the weight and quantity of the imported cargo are also important. In the case of heavy and large-sized goods, the use of ships and trains will certainly be a better choice. However, when the purchased goods are classified as groupage shipments, it is recommended to choose air shipment, especially when the priority is transport time and not its price. Technological progress has also led to the modernization of the transport market, because nowadays the transport of goods from such distant places is within easy reach, and the cost of the entire service is optimized.

When choosing the proposed solutions, you should trust a proven company that organizes such distant transports - in this way, the most advantageous variant of the order will be selected that will meet the customer's expectations. Extensive experience translates into the later satisfaction of the client. A great facilitation is also the comprehensive service, which involves reloading of goods and their delivery to the indicated address - the so-called door-to-door service. Importantly, each of these solutions allows you to track the shipment, thanks to which the delivery date is known in advance - this in turn allows the customer to plan further actions.