Transit time - goods delivery time may vary considerably depending on the chosen mode of transport. On the same route, we can expect radical differences in delivery times, which translate into the price of the service.

A great example is transport in relation to this China - Poland (door-to-door).

It can be realized by three different means of transport:

Sea Freight: 35-55 days

Rail Freight: 17-22 days

Air Freight: 3-8 days

Another example is freight in relation Poland - Kazakhstan (door-to-door):

Rail Freight: 12-16 days

Car Freight: 5-8 days

Another example is delivery in relation Poland - Ireland (door-to-door):

Container freight: 6-10 days

Car Freight: 3-5 days

The general rule is: the shorter the transit time, the higher the price of the service. Sometimes, however, you can kill two birds with one stone:

Customers are not always able to count it, but a warehouse on the go is a cheaper solution than keeping goods on shelves in your warehouse. Appropriate planning of repetitive shipments allows logistics managers who use our services to save considerable amounts on the transport and storage of goods.

On the other hand, even companies that have optimized and repeatable flows often need to send some of the goods with a faster solution than those used on a daily basis.

Our wide range of services allows flexible adaptation of the means of transport and quick response to changing customer needs.

We know from experience that a good knowledge and understanding of our client's activities allows us to better optimize its goods flows. We encourage you to face-to-face meetings and discussions on comprehensive forwarding care.