We offer a wide range car transport services to and from France and on its premises based on truck transport. The services we provide include transport, forwarding and logistics and cover, among others, Paris, Metz, Reims, Marseilles, Nantes, as well as other regions of the country, freely connecting them with any part of Europe and Asia.

The offered transport is performed on the basis of transport of groupage and full truck loads along with courier shipments.


The diverse geographic location of France and its access to the sea make it possible to extend the service truck transport o multimodal forwardingbased on its assumption on cooperation with sea and air carriers. The advanced network of highways and expressways, water canals and the extensive range of air connections at the global level enable fast cargo transit.

The French economy offers a wide range of opportunities to import and export goods around the world. The production industry is primarily focused on exports. A perfect example is the PSA concern which produces hundreds of thousands of passenger cars and vans annually. 


In order to ensure the proper flow of production processes, it uses the services of suppliers located in different parts of the world. According to all statistics, the aforementioned production branch accounts for slightly more than a third of the total revenues of French industry. In addition, goods from the agricultural and food industries - including cheese, cold cuts and wine - are exported in significant quantities every year.

The electronics, clothing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries are also very popular. French imports are focused on obtaining natural resources from other European countries. There is also a considerable demand for the import of machines and production components as well as other chemical products. The main trading partners include Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain, the United States, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, China and Spain.

convenient multimodal service


Many years of experience and an established position in the transport and forwarding industry allow us to provide services at the highest level. A team of fully committed employees will ensure that each part of the logistics process is performed reliably and comprehensively. Thanks to the company's independence, the scope of services remains unlimited. This means that the specification of each project is tailored to the individual needs of the client. Symlog offers road transport to and from France, and on its territory with any European city. Through continuous development international and intercontinental forwarding is open, offering its services also on the Asian market. Continuous preview that allows you to accurately determine the location of the goods, maintaining the highest quality standards at every stage of the order, filling in shipping and customs documentation translate into peace of mind and XNUMX% customer satisfaction.