The German economy ranks at the top in world rankings. Trade between Poland and Germany is at a very high level. Mutual cooperation generates huge benefits that translate into the mutual development of both countries. Business Symlog deals with forwarding and transport of groupage and full truck loads, as well as courier services, providing services in many German cities. These include: Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Aachen, Bruhl, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Goettingen, Stuttgart and Padeborn. The central location of the country and the well-developed road network make it road transport, also of an intra-Community nature, takes a significant place in trade.

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According to forecasts, the growing trend related to the import and export of goods will deepen even more. There are many possibilities of establishing cooperation, it brings benefits for producers and carriers, both on the Polish and German side, as well as in other European Union countries. Distance helps to strengthen this international cooperation. Cultural similarities and growing consumer needs mean that the demand for the production of goods - and thus: for transportation international in Europe - constantly growing.

The developing cooperation opens up great opportunities in the transport market. Company's activity Symlog provides comprehensive transport and forwarding services in the area international and intercontinental transport, focusing on car and multimodal forwardingwhich uses alternative sources of transport. The most popular transport routes for the transit of goods from and to Germany lead to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Russia, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, China, Japan and the United States.


The production industry enjoys the greatest interest - in this matter, the German economy is focused primarily on the import of machines, tools and components used in the construction of cars and other vehicles. The western border also exports agricultural and food products, natural raw materials, chemical products, furniture, and means of transport.

Consumer awareness is growing among Poles - when making a choice, they focus more and more on the quality of the product. Exports include: cars and trucks, construction tools, production machines, chemical products, clothing and food. The market needs of both countries are quite similar to each other, which also contributes to the deepening of cooperation between them. Trade exchange and the level of provided services inspire mutual trust, which bodes well for the future.

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Comprehensiveness and punctuality of performed shipping services is reflected among thousands of satisfied customers. An experienced team of employees watches over the correct course of transport processes every day. Each service has an individual character, which is why it is fully adapted to the client's needs. Noteworthy is the variety of rolling stock, which allows you to choose it in such a way as to optimize the costs of the service. As a leader in the TSL industry, the company also offers multimodal transport based on truck transport services - both for the European and Asian markets.