We are a company specializing in organization rail freight between China and Poland and Europe. We are one of the most experienced entities in Poland in the field of organizing freight transport by express freight trains on the New Silk Road railway. Take advantage of our experience and bet on proven, fast and cost-effective rail freight forwarding.  

Our services are directed to all importers and exporters from China, regardless of the size of the transported cargo. We organize transport both in the form of full containers and groupage.



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The key to your success is our flexibility and individual approach to each order. As a result, both full container and groupage rail freight forwarding becomes competitive in terms of price in relation to sea and air freight. It is worth emphasizing that the transport of goods is a field in which parameters in the field of transit time and prices for transport change dynamically. This applies to all means of transport. As experienced forwarders, we make sure that you receive the best-suited offer in terms of your expectations and needs, with minimal transport time and expenses for the service provided.

Contact us and check the optimal solutions for rail transport from China to Poland!

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What services do we offer related to rail transport from China?

Full container transport (FCL) – FCL transport is the most popular form of import and export of goods from China. It allows you to transport a large amount of goods in one load unit. Our customers value full-container rail transport from China for the speed of delivery, safety and no need to reload during the transport process. It is used by both small and large importers. The most common type of container used in transport on the New Silk Road is the 40'HC container (40 feet high cube - the parameters of the containers can be found here.

Groupage transport (LCL) – Do you want to bring a small amount of goods by rail? Several packages? A couple of pallets? ? With us it is possible, also as part of the "door-to-door" service. We will take care of reloading and customs formalities for your goods, which will reach you quickly and safely! We carry out LCL transport from China based on our own collective containers (consoles), and reloading and customs operations are carried out in own customs warehouse.

Door-to-door transport from China - We provide rail transport from China in the "door-to-door" formula, i.e. from the manufacturer's warehouse, directly to the recipient. This solution relieves the importer of the need to deal with logistics and reduces the costs of transport margins many brokers. It also basically speeds up the journey of the cargo.

Rail transport from China - the main advantages

The speed of delivery

Standard door-to-door delivery time by rail is 22-28 days instead of 50-60 days by sea. Instead of "warehouse on the way", there are goods on the shelves.

Attractive price of transport from China

For many years, LCL rail groupage transport has been a cheaper solution than sea transport. In the case of FCL full container shipments and the use of EXW prices, rail freight is competitive to sea freight.

Easier supply chain management from China

More accurate delivery planning and forecasting with less investment.

Faster cash turnover

Shorter transport of goods means less financial resources. The time of one shipment is 2 deliveries by rail - twice as many goods sold, twice as much profit for the importer.

No container rollover from China

Container booking on the railroad provides space on a specific train and guarantees no unloading along the way.

Lots of departures during the week

Depending on the operator, departures from 1 train a month to 2 a day are available. As a result, several dozen warehouses come to Poland every week. Especially in times of scarcity of goods, express rail delivery allows even small companies to gain a competitive advantage over those who do not have the goods.

Track your trains

Full control over the goods is ensured by daily information about the position of the railway container.


How long does the train from China to Poland take? Rail freight is much faster than sea freight. The route between the Xi'an terminal in China and the railway terminal in Małaszewicze in Poland is covered by express freight trains in 9-14 days. As a result, the entire supply chain from pick-up from the factory in China to the recipient in the European Union is closed within 22-27 days for full rail containers (FCL) and 25-28 days for groupage shipments (LCL). Importantly, now the transport can be ordered for the next week, which means that the transport of goods is carried out extremely quickly. For comparison, sea freight from China to Poland takes about 50-60 days. By choosing the China-Poland train as part of the New Silk Road, you gain twice as fast delivery of goods and a chance to maintain the continuity of the supply chain, which is so important nowadays!

transport from China to Poland by rail

The time of transport from China to the terminal in Małaszewicze depends on three main aspects: the first is the place of receipt of goods in China, the second - the location of the railway terminal (the nearest terminal is not always the best / cheapest), and the third is the choice of the route on the train. The appropriate combination of these three factors determines the selection of the optimal railway service not only in terms of time, but also costs.

Attractive price for rail transport from Asia to Poland and Europe

cheap railway from china
cheap railway from china
cheap railway from china

The transport industry is characterized by high dynamics, which affects the level of prices offered by all means of transport. Sometimes sea freight is cheaper, and sometimes it is transport of goods by rail. Therefore, it is difficult to indicate a fixed rate for the transport of 1 container from China. The expenses are calculated each time for the order and depend on many factors - also on the type of cargo that is transported. For the current quote for your transport welcome here.

cheap railway from china

How much does rail transport from China to Poland cost?

Generally speaking, it can be said that shipping containers from China by rail is competitive in terms of price. It is influenced by flexible and individualized transport planning. Our company's many years of experience in organizing rail transport on the New Silk Road and excellent recognition of newly emerging solutions both in China and the European Union allow us to significantly reduce the costs associated with the transport service offered and thus guarantee the best rates for importing goods by rail from China. When planning rail freight, we take into account all changes that appear on the market that have a significant impact on the final price of transport from China. In our company, we monitor the market on an ongoing basis and look for the best solutions for you.

You can find up-to-date information on supply chains in the news (link for market news). We also encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter, where you will receive the latest information on the current situation on the New Silk Road railway.

Is rail transport from China safe?

Rail transport from China to Poland is bezpieczny, independent of contemporary geopolitical conflicts and provides maintenance permanent supply chain from china. It is worth noting that express trains from the PRC bypass the territory of Ukraine, thus they are not exposed to the influence of hostilities.

Express freight trains from China - transport route

What route does the train travel from China to Poland? Freight trains from China move along three main transport corridors: the western corridor via Dostyk / Alashankou (Kazakhstan) - the route most frequently used by the market, the middle corridor via Erenhot (Mongolia) and the northern corridor via Zabaykalsk / Manzhouli (Russia).

There are several possibilities for trains to enter the territory of the European Union, however the most important is the Polish border crossing Terespol / Brest, which handles about 80% of traffic on the New Silk Road. The final stations in Poland are mainly Małaszewicze, Łódź and Warsaw. There are also trains to other pickup points in Poland, but the volume of transport is small there. The above routes are presented on the map:

transport from China to Poland by rail

Railway transport economical and premium

Many years of experience allow us to offer various solutions on the market in the field of rail transport from China. Rail container transport includes economic and premium transport organization services. Railway terminals offering economic solutions are of great interest. As a result, they are often overloaded with a lot of work, which sometimes affects their timeliness. For this reason, we also offer premium solutions addressed to customers for whom time is money.

Check how quickly the cargo sent from China can also reach your company! Our traders will propose optimized solutions both in terms of costs and delivery time. Thanks to our work, your company can save money and generate additional profits and gain an advantage in the market in terms of time and continuity of supplies from China. Contact us - take advantage of our knowledge and experience in forwarding for the development of your company!

Railway is cheaper with us!

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The carriage of goods by rail is one of the safest ways to transport cargo. In addition to minimizing the risk of accidents, the New Silk Road runs through areas free from hostilities. Importantly, the war in Ukraine does not affect the functioning of the Railway Silk Road. Its main branch runs through Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, so it is not threatened with hostilities and with the suspension of transports. Moreover, the carrier bears full liability for the third party liability insurance (up to the full value of the gross cargo) on the way. Remember, however, that third party liability insurance is intended to protect the carrier, not property, and only if the carrier is fully responsible for damage or destruction of property. The CARGO policy is responsible for the protection of property / goods, which covers many risks such as:

  • natural disaster (fire, hurricane, avalanche, earthquake, landslide)
  • robbery or theft (of both property and means of transport along with property)
  • damage to the cargo, as well as in the event of accidents of the means of transport.

Importantly, Cargo insurance is very cheap in relation to the risk it covers.

We encourage each of our clients to cover their goods with Cargo insurance. Ask our traders about Cargo insurance!

We provide our clients with the possibility of tracking shipments along the entire transport route. Each customer using our forwarding services in the field of rail freight from China to Poland and from Poland to China receives information about the location of the transport once a day. This allows for full control of both the timeliness of deliveries and the possibility of flexible response to emerging delays.

The use of express freight trains between China-Poland and Poland-China guarantees the shortest possible transport time while maintaining economical prices. Shorter transport times, no risk of rolling the containers, low risk of delays, which occur at transshipment terminals, but do not last longer than several dozen hours, make it possible for you to conduct a balanced warehouse policy. What's more, shorter transport time also means more careful planning, which means that you reduce the risk of freezing funds for a longer time. Express freight trains from China to Poland and from Poland to China are carried out every day. The increasing capacity of the route means that from week to week you can order transport and after less than a month the ordered goods will be in your warehouse.

As part of rail transport from China to Poland, we provide:

  • collection of goods from the sender;
  • customs and terminal services at several railway terminals in China;
  • rail transport of containers to Poland;
  • daily updated train position with expected delivery date;
  • full customs service (including T1 customs transfers and final clearance);
  • reloading, palletization, possible storage of goods;
  • its distribution to the destination.

For an even more complete offer, we suggest using the customs warehouse run by our company, where we handle all shipments ourselves. In this way, you receive complete implementation of all elements of importing goods from outside the EU and at the same time delegate all tasks to experienced specialists in the forwarding industry.

Our offer is for sole proprietorships as well as corporations, individual clients and freight forwarders. We organize the transport of standard full container shipments (FCL) and we also deal with groupage shipments (LCL), starting from 1 m3, using our weekly services. We organize transport in 40'GP, 40'HC containers. For transports requiring controlled temperature, we offer 40'RF and 45'RFHC refrigerated containers. We also offer open-top containers (OT) and containers with clothes hangers (HT).

Our corporate clients usually have substantial transport volumes in the form of up to hundreds of containers per month. We handle such tasks with the help of wagon groups or full-train shipments (even consolidated from many senders). We also operate full trains in the "door-to-door" formula.

Do you trade with China? Choose rail transport! Business Symlog guarantees you the best offer and competitive prices. With us, you can deliver your shipment from China to Poland and back quickly, reliably and at the best price.

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