The growing demand for forwarding and transport services allowed for the use of many alternative sources of transport. While still traversing European roads, it can be easily noticed that road transport is the leading position in the transport market. From the countless number of companies providing services in the TSL industry, it is worth choosing a carrier that meets the customer's expectations at the same time ensuring flexibility and freedom when configuring the order. Such standards have been guided by the company Symlog for years, which specializes in truck transport in all European countries, as well as thanks to the use of multimodal and intercontinental transport.

Truck transport around Europe - transport services
Truck transport around Europe - transport services


Thanks to a qualified team of employees, contact with foreign customers is not a problem. We perfectly understand that when commissioning transport to our company, clients care about the high standard of services - thus maintaining the optimal ratio of factors that make up the entire project. Many years of experience allows us to broaden our horizons, which translate into the development of our company. It is thanks to this that the offer of the Symlog company is constantly developing, enabling the free flow of goods between national borders.


A wide range of transport services and access to a diverse fleet make that we provide an organization of transport fully adapted to the needs of customers. Every day, our specialists make every effort to ensure that the transported loads are delivered safely and on time, in addition toand we provide "door-to-door" service". This type of service is aimed at the implementation of transport from the place of shipment to the place unloading, including all the necessary elements of international transport, including: clearance, reloading and shipping documentation and customs duties. The company Symlog is also the aforementioned intercontinental transport - as a few we organize rail transport, connecting Asia with Europe based on express freight trains. In order to optimize costs, our offer also includes the possibility of using alternative transport sources, such as container transport and sea transport.

Truck transport around Europe - transport services



that is full truck loads, in which the exclusive use of the loading space gives freedom related to the quantity and weight of the goods.


It is a groupage transport that allows you to transport cargo in smaller quantities. Additionally, groupage can come from many different senders and have different addressees. In order to facilitate transport, separate shipments are combined into a collective load.


include the service of collecting the goods from the client and handing them over directly to the recipient. Usually, this service is for individual pallets or Doughnut.

We make sure that our services are of a comprehensive nature, thanks to which customers will gain comfort and confidence. By constantly monitoring the position of the load, we limit the risk to the absolute minimum.