We are specialists in organizing professional and comprehensive services in the field of car forwarding. Our employees experienced in freight forwarding particularly care about meeting the needs of customers in the most optimized way.

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Our domain is international forwardingwhich we carry out mainly in Europe and Asia. We place great emphasis on truck transport in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). We transport goods to all countries of Western, Southern and Central Europe, as well as to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.


You can entrust us with both organization of partial and full truck loads. The advantage of Symlog is great versatility. We organize the transport of all types of cargo.

We have access to a variety of vehicles - from small 1,5-ton buses to semi-trailers that can load up to 24 tons of goods. We will successfully transport goods that require specialized vehicles.

You can commission us to organize the transport of goods by means of:

  • car transport in a tarpaulin construction;
  • refrigerated vehicle transport;
  • dump truck / bathtub;
  • cisterns.
car forwarding


Our domain is not only organization of traditionally understood transport of goods - we place great emphasis on the comprehensiveness of customer service.

Pose organizing the transport of goods by truck, we also guarantee the implementation of additional services related to the ordered forwarding, such as:

  • reloading of goods;
  • customs orders and clearance;
  • Cargo insurance.

An additional advantage of the Symlog company is the possibility of using it multimodal transport including also railway transport and containerizedwhich we often use to optimize costs for the client.

We control the course of transport using modern telematics systems, so you always know where your shipment is.


We offer optimized costs in relation to the ordered routes. Our clients value us not only for full professionalism of services, but also for the highest quality of service.

We can present a particularly attractive offer at organization of transport in Europe to England, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and in the CIS to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Our distinguishing product is groupage forwarding to the CIS countries. We guarantee competitive rates for this solution.

We only use a fleet of trusted carriers. We check each new carrier in terms of credibility, its opinion on the market and the amount and scope of insurance it has.

Great variety of vehicles and the possibility of flexible fleet management make the prices we offer professional forwarding services are competing on the market.


In order to facilitate the understanding of logistics processes, customer and forwarder responsibilities, we inform that all forwarding orders are carried out on the basis of General Polish Forwarding Conditions 2010 published by the Polish Chamber of Forwarding and Logistics.

Capacity in m³ Number of pallets dimensions L x W x HIGH Payload in tonnes
car forwarding 4 3,6 1,8 x x 1,7 0,9-1,5
car forwarding 5 4,20 1,80 x x 1,70 1,5
car forwarding 8 4,20 2,05 x x 2,05 2
car forwarding 10 5,00 2,05 x x 2,05 3
 car forwarding 12 5,90 2,05 x x 2,05 2,5
 car forwarding 15 6,20 2,45 x x 2,35 3,5-5
car forwarding 18 7,20 2,45 x x 2,35 6
 car forwarding 20 8,00 2,45 x x 2,35 8-10
car forwarding 33 13,60 x 2,45 x 2,50 - 2,85 24
 car forwarding 33 13,60 x 2,45 x 3,00 (MEGA) 24
 car forwarding 38 7,65 x 2,45 x 2,50 - 2,80 + 7,65 x 2,45 x 2,50 - 3,00 12-24