convenient multimodal service

Extending supply chains make the transport function of connecting buyers and sellers separated by thousands of kilometers more and more important. A huge challenge for the modern, global economy is therefore to meet the need for fast, inexpensive and at the same time safe transport of goods.

The intensive growth of international trade requires the effective use of various means of transport, including air, sea and land transport. In addition, the increasing congestion of roads and border crossings, the deteriorating condition of the environment and growing competition among transport companies have resulted in the need to find alternative cargo transport systems. The answer to the emerging difficulties arising from the forwarding of goods over long distances is multimodal transport denoting the transport of unified loading units (e.g. containers). The main assumption of this type of transport is the use of at least two different modes of transport. On the other hand, the greatest benefit for the client using multimodal transport is to streamline the execution of orders. The use of more than one type of transport also allows the organization of transport within door-to-door services.

The "door-to-door" service - what it is and what it is all about

"Door-to-door" service, door-to-door, is a specific type of transport, consisting in the implementation of the entire transport organization by one forwarder from the entity sending the goods to the final recipient. There are many shipping companies dealing with handling on the Polish market multimodal transport together with the "door-to-door" service. Forwarders perform the service in terms of adapting the order to the needs of a specific customer and take full responsibility for all stages through which the goods pass. What's more, they often offer their clients professional technical support via the Internet or the hotline. Freight forwarding companies having in their offer door-to-door transportation of goods when considering the order, they take into account, among others:

  • optimizing the time and costs of transport through a thorough analysis of the route,
  • choosing the right container adapted to the size and type of goods,
  • searching for the best carriers for the implementation of individual sections of the transport route,
  • booking a place on a ship or train.

Advantages of using the "door-to-door" service

"Door-to-door" it significantly improves the flow of goods and thus is gradually gaining popularity. This service may take place in a traditional way, but is nevertheless carried out on the basis of container transport allows you to keep both the time of transport and the level of costs under control. The use of containers means that the process of transporting goods is efficient and fast, because only one loading unit is used on the entire route, regardless of the type of transport involved.

This way of providing the service is a great deal of convenience for the customer. It does not have to deal with formalities, for example resulting from international transport, because he takes full responsibility for the transport forwarder. "Door-to-door" service it also allows for the reduction of costs that would have to be incurred in the case of traditional transport.

In addition to the economic aspect, a considerable advantage of the service consisting in door-to-door transport of goods is her safety. Thanks to the fact that the need for unloading and reloading is eliminated during shipping, it is possible to avoid theft and loss of goods during sorting. Therefore, this service is used for the transport of valuable property, such as electronics.

In addition, for the use of transport in the system Door-to-door”Says concern for the natural environment. By eliminating a few carriers and limiting ourselves to one haulage company, the roads are less congested, which reduces the carbon footprint of the means of transport.

Who is the "door-to-door" service for

Transport in the system "Door-to-door" is addressed to customers for whom the priority is fast delivery of goods to the recipient. Both large enterprises and small companies that expand the scope of their activities or are looking for new sales markets decide to use the service.