multimodal transport

The intensive development of the transport industry brings new solutions and more and more flexible methods of transporting goods. One of the solutions gaining popularity is multimodal transport, which is used primarily in international and intercontinental transport.

The specificity of multimodal transport

By definition multimodal transport covers the carriage of goods using at least two different means of transport under one transport contract. As part of this type of transport, it is used rail, truck, air, sea and inland transport. Multimodal transport It allows any combination of vehicles and ships, thanks to which it stands out from other solutions with exceptional flexibility.

This type of transport does not require the use of one and the same loading unit, but it is definitely more profitable and allows you to significantly save money and time. Development container shipping allowed to specialize containers in terms of transported goods, so they can be widely used. Use of one container for the entire transport route, it definitely improves the entire process, because there is no need to unload and store the goods. An additional advantage is the fact that the load itself is safe thanks to the minimization of the risk of potential damage during reloading.

Advantages of combined transport

Application multimodal transport works perfectly especially in international and intercontinental transport, where we deal with long distances, different degree of urbanization of the area and different accessibility of routes. The combination of various means of transport not only provides flexibility, but also allows you to choose the optimal route, which will be relatively fastest and cheapest.

The possibility of selecting a means of transport for the type of route allows you to plan each section individually, using the maximum capabilities of a given carrier. Usage truck it will be perfect in areas with a dense network of well-prepared roads, especially expressways. Rail in turn, it guarantees punctuality, as it is not subject to external factors that would delay transport. Express freight trains additionally, they will speed up the delivery time, which will be crucial especially in the case of perishable goods. Container ships they work best when there is a need to transport a very large amount of goods, and the most important factor is cost, not delivery time.

Flexibility multimodal transport lets you go one step further and combine different modes of transport with by air transport. This solution is ideally suited to situations where airports are well connected with the road and rail network. Connection plane with other means of transport, it enables the transport of goods over long distances and allows the delivery of cargo to virtually anywhere in the world.

The service is in the hands of a professional shipping company

By choosing to transport goods using multimodal transport, it is worth entrusting this issue to professionals. Experienced shipping company will take care of the entire process, advise and help you choose the best solution that will be tailored to the individual needs of the client.

He handles the entire process operator of multimodal transport, which coordinates the entire transport from the moment the shipment is picked up until it is delivered to the sender. He is responsible for the route selection, preparation of shipping documentation, organizes customs clearance and the issue of cargo storage, if necessary. He reacts to emerging problems on an ongoing basis and is responsible for the selection and contact with carriers who carry out particular sections of the route.

More and more companies offer their clients additional services, such as shipment route tracking, cargo insurance, groupage and groupage transport  or organization of the transport of hazardous materials. Due to the fact that the transport industry is developing very dynamically and the market is subject to many changes, a professional company should be able to adapt to current trends and follow these changes.