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Container transport is an extremely important part of the global transport industry. Thanks to the ability to transport any type of cargo without quantitative restrictions, it opens up new opportunities for acquiring foreign goods. Thanks to the knowledge acquired over the years and access to a wide transport fleet, container transport in Symlog is a guarantee of safe and timely delivery. So what does container transport offer and what does its organizational process look like in our company?

Container transport - a comprehensive service tailored to all needs

To the greatest advantages container transport includes being open to customer needs. The design of the container allows for the transport of any type of goods, which, thanks to the provision of appropriate conditions, will safely reach a selected place in Poland and abroad. The basic division of containers includes refrigerated containers, high cube, open top, flat back, platform containers and traditional containers with built-up walls with standard dimensions.  

In company Symlog container transport is a service that takes into account all customer needs. In order to guarantee maximum comfort and freedom, advisors propose the most advantageous solutions that meet clients' expectations. Due to the technical specifications, container transport can be carried out using trucks, sea container ships, as well as intermodal express trains from China to Poland. With customer comfort in mind, the service can be provided door to door. This means that the goods are collected from a foreign manufacturer and delivered with attention to every detail to the address indicated in the order. Thanks to our diverse transport offer Symlogand knowledge of the logistics industry, container transport is comprehensive. When creating the service, a team of experienced experts pays attention to every detail, even the smallest one. In this way, the customer is constantly informed about the status of the order and the expected delivery date. Opening to customer needs means that container transport can be carried out cyclically, ensuring continuity of supplies, as well as in the form of a single order.

Container transport - guarantee of safe delivery

Based on modern technical solutions Symlog offers comprehensive transport services that allow you to import and export any type of goods internationally and intercontinentally. Due to the needs of customers, the transport offer includes container, groupage and full load transport. Containers allow us to take into account individual customer expectations and are adapted to transport goods such as: food, clothing, mechanical and electrical tools, household appliances, etc. In order to fully optimize the costs of the order, the loading area is adjusted directly to the customer's needs. A well-developed transport infrastructure allows you to effectively store goods and organize their reloading while waiting for transport.

The company's many years of operation and the desire for continuous development allow us to offer only proven and beneficial solutions that translate into customer satisfaction. Experts Symlogand every day they effectively manage transport processes, ensuring timely deliveries in line with the expectations of customers. In this way, container transport from a selected place in the world is at your fingertips. An extensive transport offer allows you to transport goods in the shortest possible time. An example of such a solution is container transport from Asia, in which the waiting period for delivery is approximately 3-4 weeks. A solid position on the transport market and regular connections enable the establishment of permanent business contacts between Polish and foreign enterprises. In order to choose the best solution, it is worth consulting the service with experts Symloga. Opening to individual needs and a guarantee of safe delivery are features that allow you to enjoy a comprehensive transport service to any place in the country or abroad.