We are specialists in organizing professional and comprehensive services in the field of car forwarding. Our employees experienced in freight forwarding particularly care about meeting the needs of customers in the most optimized way.


Organization of rail transport is our specialty. It was from her that we started our adventure with forwarding. We are currently a company that is in the market shipping services she is recognized as an expert in the field of rail transport.


Containers are an increasingly popular way of transporting goods. They guarantee the safety of transported goods and lower transport costs. Containers are perfect for multimodal forwarding and long-distance transport.


Multimodal transport is a safe, fast and cost-optimized solution way of transporting goods. It works perfectly on the free market, increasing the competitiveness of the functioning of the enterprises that use it.


As our newest product, we offer you container transport of goods carried out by rail transport on the China - Poland route and Poland - China. This service is addressed to all entities interested in the exchange of goods with China, both commercial, manufacturing and shipping companies.


In order to handle thousands of shipments, we work with a variety of transport equipment. Here you will find the types and dimensions of the most commonly used rolling stock.



We encourage you to take advantage of professional related services with the organization of international transport. We are a company that has many years of experience in the transport of goods by all types of forwarding. As part of our activities, we cooperate with transport companies, warehouse logistics centers and transhipment terminals. We coordinate the work of road, rail and container forwarding. Therefore, we are specialists in the organization of multimodal transport.

We offer our clients high quality freight coordination services. We always act on the basis of specific needs and requirements of customers. Each order is considered by our team individually. When proposing solutions to you, we take into account:

  • transport route,
  • the type of product,
  • parameters of the goods,
  • customer requirements,
  • cost optimization,
  • time optimization.

Our transport animation services are based on proven, reliable and credible partners. Access to various types of means of transport and logistic solutions makes us a company that offers customers an amazing opportunity flexible and tailored solutions.

SYMLOG carries out shipping activities on European market and in Asia. We have many years of experience in the field of organization of intercontinental transport of goods between European countries and countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Our unquestionable advantage is our ability coordination multimodal transport over long distances. Our offer also includes more and more popular organization of the transport of goods on Poland-China and China-Poland relations. We encourage all clients cooperating with contractors from Far East Asia to use multimodal transport based on express freight trains z terminals in China to the shipping center located near Warsaw.


Run by us organization of multimodal transport allows you to transport optimized in terms of costs and time goods from all European countries to the Far East. This mode of transport using container, road and rail forwarding allows our clients transport goods in a short time and at an attractive price. Thanks to cooperation with SYMLOGThis increases the competitiveness of the goods offered by our customers.

Our strengths include a flexible and fully tailored offer for international transport. The service is very popular "Door-to-door" consisting in the comprehensive organization of transport from the place of dispatch to the place of collection at the point indicated by the customer (e.g. in the company's branch, dedicated warehouse, etc.). As part of this service, we provide comprehensive implementation of the order, taking full responsibility for the fate of the shipment from the receipt of the shipment from the sender to its delivery to the recipient. In this way, the customer relieves himself of the need to organize and monitor many transport suppliers, the safety of goods reloading, timely changes of means of transport, correctness of transport and customs documentation, etc.  This is the most advantageous form of cooperation for the client, because he can focus on his business, not logistics. Furthermore, outsourcing of transport services translates directly into lowering the operating costs of a given enterprise, which undoubtedly allows to increase its financial condition and position on the market.

We encourage you to take advantage of comprehensive transport organization services provided by SYMLOG. Our qualified and experienced team will efficiently plan and coordinate for you carriage of goods. We are at your disposal. We will prepare transport time and cost optimized. By using our services, you can be sure that the cargo entrusted to our contractors will safely reach its destination.

In order to preparation of the offer please contact us.