Containers are increasingly popular way of transporting goods. They guarantee the safety of the goods carried and lower transportation costs. Containers ideally suited for multi-modal shipping and transportation over long distances.

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Symlog organizes intermodal transport mostly with use of 20′, 40′ and 45 ‘HC containers. They are suitable for forwarding different types of goods. We also offer platform, open-top and refrigerator containers.

Not sure what kind of container will be most suitable for your requirements? We will help you choose the type, which perfectly suits to the transportation of the goods. Furthermore, we pick a suitable container truck and arrange the transport for optimizing your costs and delivery time.


We carry out a full cycle of the organization of intermodal transport – from the place of origin to destination (door-to-door). As part of this we offer:

  • development of an optimal transport route in terms of cost and time;
  • assistance in selecting the size and type of container;
  • booking space on a train or a ship;
  • receipt of goods from the customer by road transport equipped with container chassis; transhipment of container to the ship or to rail depending on the destination;
  • after reaching the port of destination – eventual customs formalities;
  • transhipment container to the truck;
  • delivery to the place of receipt with the container chassis truck.


Symlog offers its customers container-forwarding worldwide. We will carry out a successful transport to the farthest places such as Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

Transportation using containers is ideal for long-distance rail freight – for example, in Poland – China.

Our specialty is also shipping container to European countries. Quickly and at competitive prices will transport goods packed in containers to such countries as Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Italy. In these countries, often truck forwarding is not very competitive because of the few return loads.

Containers that we use on those lanes are 45’HCPW and correspond to the size of lorries. They can take 24 tons of goods, 33 pallets euro and have a volume of about 89 m3. The exact dimensions here: click


Container transport offers the possibility to reduce the costs associated with the carriage of goods. This is because of unification of the size of items to several kinds of containers.

Freight container is also much faster to use in case of change of means of transport, making it extremely convenient for multimodal services using different possibilities of carriage of goods – from maritime transport, through truck to the railway.

Freight Container is an excellent alternative to the traditional carriage of goods by truck. It allows you to quickly organize and optimize transportation costs.

Another advantage of our company is full care of entrusted goods. Symlog performs as well:

  • customs clearance;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • monitoring of shipments.