Sea and rail transport cheaper? President of Symlog in an interview for BIZNES24


Entrepreneurs can breathe a sigh of relief. Sea and rail freight prices are falling. However, as the President of Symlog emphasizes in an interview for BIZNES24, competitive offers have been available on the market for some time. Unfortunately, they did not always go hand in hand with quality and were most often associated with long waiting times for delivery. What is the situation now? Will the loads reach the recipients before Christmas? You will find the answer in the conversation.

cheap railway from china

Are you trading with China? Check how easy and fast transport can be!


Chinese products have conquered world markets for good. Their high quality and low cost of purchase are appreciated by millions of consumers. Each product, however, requires appropriate logistics facilities before it reaches the store shelves. The Symlog company, meeting the expectations of customers, offers comprehensive transport services that allow you to transport cargo from China in a simple and safe way. Read more →

Truck transport to Scandinavian countries 


Scandinavia is a northern region of Europe characterized by a wealth of natural resources, as well as a high demand for products from the rest of the world. Symlog, as an experienced partner in international transport, offers a number of transport services including comprehensive transport of goods to countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Thanks to a modern fleet of trucks, we provide comprehensive logistics services to selected European countries and beyond. Read more →

Railway transport

Magazine for an online store - what to pay attention to?


E-commerce services offer a number of comprehensive solutions that allow you to effectively manage the company's inventory. By using the outsourcing of warehouse space, you gain comprehensive service for the online store, which includes, among other things, complete handling of orders and returns as well as acceptance of goods. The scope of warehouse rental services offers a number of possibilities that, depending on the nature of the business, will allow you to provide optimal and beneficial solutions for the entrepreneur. What should you pay attention to when deciding to rent a warehouse for e-commerce? Read more →

Truck transport - the most popular way to transport goods in Europe


Transport has always been equated with the transport of goods by trucks. No wonder - hundreds of thousands of trucks travel through the main European communication routes every day. Constant development and technological progress contribute to the development of truck forwarding. Thanks to the experience accumulated over the years, the Symlog company offers comprehensive logistics services that will make the transport of goods fast, easy and also safe. Read more →