Organization of transport is a field that requires extensive knowledge and skills supported by experience. The work of the freight forwarder often depends not only on the success of the transport carried out by various means of transport, but also on the safety of the transported goods. Who is the forwarder and what they are forwarder's tasks

Who is a freight forwarder?

Who is the freight forwarder? A freight forwarder is a person who performs various forwarding activities to ensure timely and safe transport of cargo. Its task is not only to organize transport, but also to react quickly to unforeseen situations that arise during transport, which may affect the proper course of transport. The main task of the forwarder is to plan the entire transport route. Freight forwarding services are offered by natural and legal persons who have appropriate knowledge in the field of organizing the transport of goods and other issues related to forwarding. It is worth adding that in the case of transport, the forwarder often acts as an intermediary that enables the handling of both sea and truck, rail or air transport.


A special example of a freight forwarder is international forwarder, which operates on the market of international and even intercontinental transport services. As part of his duties, this person deals not only with the organization of cargo transport in the field of loading, unloading or reloading as well as safe and timely movement of goods, but he is also obliged to perform tasks in a manner consistent with the transport law of the countries to which and through which the transport is carried out. 

Forwarder tasks

What does a freight forwarder do?? One of its basic tasks is advising on the organization of transport. Expert advice allows you to optimize transport processes in every respect. Thanks to the forwarder's support, you can manage the process of transporting goods in a way that is most suited to your needs. As a result, you can manage transport in such a way as to reduce its costs, shipping time or increase the level of process security. By using the services of an experienced forwarder, you will be prepared for any circumstances that may occur during transport. 


What else does a freight forwarder do? Another task of the forwarder is the organization of the entire transport process, including the completion of the necessary documents. The freight forwarder's task is to prepare all the required procedures and documents needed for transport in the country of the recipient and the country of the supplier. The freight forwarder usually does not have his own fleet, but arranges the transport through his partners. His duty is to sign contracts with transport companies. Part of his services is also the preparation of cargo for transport, including packaging, marking, loading and prior quality control. 


What is the work of a forwarder? The freight forwarder watches over the safety of the cargo from the beginning to the end of transport and unloading at the destination. Completes customs procedures and cargo insurance. International forwarder is also responsible for transport by various means of transport also in the multimodal option. In this way, within one transport process, it can combine various means of transport, i.e. sea, rail, air and truck. It is therefore worth choosing a company that specializes in developing or offering solutions that enable a wide range of forwarding possibilities.


Therefore what does the forwarder do? As already mentioned, he does forwarding serviceswithin which it performs the following tasks:

  • is responsible for the comprehensive organization of cargo transport,
  • proposes means of transport best suited to the needs of the ordering party,
  • prepares detailed transport documentation,
  • like international forwarder deals with customs clearance,
  • as part of its tasks, it collects and delivers cargo,
  • is responsible for the safety of the cargo during loading, transport, reloading and unloading,
  • as part of the commissioned tasks, concludes contracts with individual carriers. 


How to choose the best forwarder and the best international forwarding? Search for companies that have experience in organizing transport processes. It is worth paying attention to those forwarders who carry out forwarding services by various means of transport and offer multimodal forwarding. In this way, you will gain access to a wide range of services, thanks to which you can fully optimize the service for your needs. An experienced forwarder will plan the transport of goods in such a way that it is the most profitable for your company.