For most people not related to the transport industry, notions logistics i shipping they seem identical. However, it is worth emphasizing that logistician and forwarder are two different professions that differ in both functions and tasks. What does a logistician do? i who is the shipper? You will find the answer to these questions in the article below. 

What does a logistician do?

Logistics - what is it Is? This is a field that deals with supply chain planning. Logistics is responsible for planning the route, including the day of the week and travel times. As part of planning, it should take into account such solutions that will ensure the fastest possible transport of cargo with minimal transport costs. Transport logistics must be well versed in the industry, have knowledge of technology and means of transport, and be proficient in issues related to management, economics and marketing. 

What is the work of logistics? This, what does logistics do? and how it performs its tasks has an impact on the functioning of the company or the client. The decisions he makes affect the efficiency, effectiveness and price competitiveness of transport, as well as the fluidity of supply chains. Logistics should already at the planning stage eliminate threats and organizational errors. Hence the person doing it logistic process must optimize the route and transport conditions in a manner tailored to the customer's needs.

What does the freight forwarder do? 

Who is a freight forwarder? Forwarder, In contrast to logistics, deals with the physical implementation of transport - takes over the tasks related to the delivery of cargo from the sender to the recipient. This task is performed using all available means of transport. At the same time, he must take care of matters related to transport documentation, including signing transport contracts or transport orders. In case of international forwarding logistics forwarder performs all the above tasks extended by additional activities related to customs duties. What does a freight forwarder do in international transport? International forwarder must be well versed in the legal regulations of the countries in which and through which the transport is carried out. He should also understand the customs of countries other than European. Usually forwarder specializes in the implementation of tasks within specific markets - e.g. East Asian or South American. Familiar with customs and culture, he will organize the transport of goods much faster and more effectively, avoiding organizational errors and threats that may affect the time, price and security of delivery.

Logistics and forwarder - what are the differences?

As we have presented above, the differences in the forwarder and logistics tasks are large. At the same time, they are part of the implementation of one transport chain. Without cooperation logistics and forwarder the transport process would be chaotic and not optimised, and thus more expensive, longer and less safe. Shipping is undoubtedly part of the field logistics, however, its importance lies in specializing in the physical implementation of the transport of goods. 

What features should it have logistician and forwarder? Despite the differences in both professions, people employed in such positions should have similar skills and a similar set of characteristics. Among the skills, organizational and strategic planning skills should be emphasized. Flexibility in finding solutions, communicativeness and discipline as well as resistance to stress and acting under pressure or assertiveness will also be important. Both forwarderAnd logistics they must guarantee a reliable approach to responsibilities that will guarantee effective supply chain planning and implementation. 

It is worth noting that it is effective logistics and forwarding it is the basis for the functioning of most companies operating on the market. This applies to both trade and production or services. Experienced logistics forwarder will be able to respond to the demand for the organization and implementation of transport services. It is worth looking for people or companies that will provide both of these elements of the transport process at a high level. 

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