The transport of goods across borders does not always require complicated customs procedures. Customs provides an option that allows certain goods to be transported under ATA Carnets. What is the ATA Carnet and what does it offer users? Learn about the facilities for customs clearance of goods that are not intended for sale. 

ATA Carnet - What is it jest 

ATA Carnet is an essential document in international trade in goods. Allows you to customs clearance of goods intended for acquisition, for exhibitions and imported as part of professional equipment. ATA solves the complicated problem customs procedures related to temporary admissions. Thanks to it, there is no need to use the SAD document, it is avoided customs declarations and make deposits at all borders crossed. 

ATA Carnet operates on the basis of standards developed under the auspices of the Customs Cooperation Council with the participation of the International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce. These include the Customs Convention on ATA carnet for conditional clearance of goods (Journal of Laws No. 30 of 1969, item 242) - commonly known as the ATA Convention and the Convention on Temporary Admission (Journal of Laws No. 14 of 1998 No. 14 item 61 and Journal of Laws No. 198 item 1668 of 2002), also known as the Istanbul Convention. 

Thanks to ATA carnet temporary transport of goods is currently possible in 78 countries of the world (including Poland), which are associated in the guarantee chain ATA. Moreover, Poland after joining the European Union in 2004 ATA carnet is not required for the carriage of goods within the Union. 

ATA Carnet is only valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The user is obliged to comply with the deadline indicated in the voucher by the customs office. It is worth noting that it is not possible to extend the subscription for subsequent months. In some cases, it is only possible to issue a one-time replacement ATA carnet a new one valid for the next 12 months. At the same time, if the import was made on the blue transit section, this deadline may be indicated only for a few hours or days. After this time, if the goods are still abroad, you will have to pay customs duties. filling ATA carnet the user should indicate the exact route the carriage of goods and the type and number of goods exported. 

What can be carried with ATA carnet?

ATA Convention allows for the temporary transport of goods of a wide range of products related to acquisition, exhibitions, fairs and professional equipment. In effect ATA carnet allows for the transport abroad of all goods and materials intended for market research, demonstration of designs before the conclusion of commercial contracts, as well as the presentation of goods at fairs and exhibitions. Thanks ATA carnet museum exhibits, equipment and decoration of exhibition stands, as well as professional equipment, including film, photographic and theater production equipment, musical instruments, sports equipment as well as research apparatus and tools can be transported without a complicated customs process. Simultaneously ATA carnet does not allow the carriage of articles intended for sale, modernization, processing and repair. 

ATA Carnet dinner

Sophistication ATA is paid. ATA it allows you to transport goods to one or more countries and can be used many times. At the same time, each entry to a foreign country requires the purchase of an additional set of cards. Their price is a quarter of the cost of the pass ATA.