Forwarder - what does he do?


Organization of transport is a field that requires extensive knowledge and skills supported by experience. The work of the freight forwarder often depends not only on the success of the transport carried out by various means of transport, but also on the safety of the transported goods. Who is the forwarder and what they are forwarder's tasks Read more →

Bill of lading - what is it


The bill of lading is one of the basic elements of the transport process. The transport of goods requires the issuance of a transport document, which is also a confirmation of the conclusion of the contract between the carrier and the buyer of the service. What is the role of the bill of lading and what should it contain? Read more →

What is transit?


Transit is the basic element of TSL, i.e. the transport, forwarding and logistics industry. Generally speaking, transit is a procedure that allows the free movement of goods between countries. What is transit transport and what types of transit can we distinguish in transport? Read more →

Domestic and international pallet shipments


Groupage transport is based on a wide range of courier shipments. These include, among others pallet shipments. What can be shipped on pallets and what are its characteristics pallet shipment? See if your company should use it too pallet shipments Read more →


How to bid on unclaimed cargo containers


A huge volume of containers is transported annually in the world. Some of them are never picked up by the owners. A cargo left behind is an undoubted loss for shipowners who try to minimize their losses by selling it to interested parties. On this basis, the popular program "Container Wars”, which presents trade in abandoned containers lying in transhipment terminals. 

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