advantages of road transport

Truck transport is one of the most popular types of freight transport. Trucks are widely used both in international truck transport and domestic forwarding. Meet advantages and disadvantages of road transport and check when it is worth using the services provided by truck forwarding. 

Advantages of road transport

Cargo transportation by means of car transport is the most popular way of transporting goods on a national and international level. All means of car transport, including trucks, delivery vehicles and tractor units with trailers, are able to deliver any load to any place, thus ensuring the free flow of goods. Trucks are one of the basic means of road transport responsible for maintaining supply chains. They deliver goods directly from the sender to the recipient. They are also commonly used in multimodal transport, where they act as a supplier and recipient of cargo to and from transhipment terminals. 

Wheeled transport It ensures speed of delivery and the ability to deliver goods to almost any place, which is beyond doubt advantage of road transport. This is due to the extensive network of local, national and international roads. In this way, trucks and vans can easily realize the service of delivering products to any place.

What are the advantages of road transport? National and international road transport offers many benefits to customers. These include low transport costs, disproportionately lower than in sea or air freight. It is worth noting that trucks are used for relatively short distances, which usually do not exceed 2-3 thousand. km. Longer routes are usually carried out by other means of transport - container ships, freight trains or cargo planes. Undoubtedly a big advantage road transport is its widespread availability resulting from the wide selection of forwarding companies offering a diverse fleet means of road transport. The large number of transport entities on the market contributes to competitive prices, service availability and the possibility of optimizing logistics operations. Car transport it is also flexible in terms of deliveries - it supports both full-truck and groupage forwarding, so it is used by small, medium and large entrepreneurs. The diverse offer of semi-trailers makes it within road transport you can transport any type of cargo, regardless of the requirements. It is common to use refrigerated and freezer trailers, tanks for the transport of oversized, dangerous or loose goods. 

Disadvantages road transport

Wheeled transport it also has its limitations, which translate into the scope of the services provided. One of them is the transportation of goods over long distances. Trucks are perfect for routes not exceeding 2-3 thousand. km. Longer distances significantly extend deliveries. Hence, on routes of more than one kilometer, loads are often transported by other means of transport (rail, plane or ship), and cars are used to deliver goods from reloading terminals to recipients. What's more, trucks only perform well in land transport, therefore they cannot be used in the case of transport between Europe and the Americas). Down defects of road transport high emissions of exhaust gases can also be included - trucks are much more polluting than railways or a container ship. Car transport it is more that other means of transport, prone to mishap and accidents. 

Car transport - when is it worth choosing

Advantages and disadvantages of road transport determine its attractiveness for entrepreneurs of all sectors of the economy. Car transport it works well both in full truckload and groupage transport. Moreover, it is extremely popular in LCL transport because it allows for significant optimization of service costs for customers. Road transport in Poland and Europe, it is widely used on relatively short routes up to several thousand kilometers. It is perfect for the transport of goods in Eurasia, where the extensive road network enables the transport of cargo to any chosen place. 

Road transport in Poland and Europe, however, is burdened with a higher risk of accidents, random events and delays in delivery of goods. The latter are usually not very large, however, they may have a minor effect on the flow and lengthening of the supply chain. This is due to sensitivity road transport for random events on the road - traffic jams, bumps, accidents, detours, etc. 

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