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The Symlog company provides comprehensive transport services connecting China with Poland and any country in Europe. Many years of experience allows us to pay attention to the needs of our partners, ensuring unlimited freedom and professional advice at every stage of transport. So what does the transport process look like for goods manufactured in Asia and why is it worth trusting our company?

Transport from China to Poland - it is possible with us

Thanks to the opening of the New Silk Road, we provide cyclical transports by rail, connecting Europe with Asia. We provide transport of any type of cargo - without quantitative restrictions. Modern, express intermodal trains are adapted to the transport of various types of goods and enable the transport of food, mechanical and electronic tools, clothing or other selected products. Due to the individual needs of our clients, we offer comprehensive transport services at the international and intercontinental level. We provide fast and safe transport of groupage and full loads. It is worth adding that the average waiting time for the transport of goods from China to Poland is about 3-4 weeks.

Offer tailored to all needs

In the era of constant technological development, we are looking for proven and creative solutions. Thanks to this, we provide a wide range of services both for people looking for one-time transport and for companies interested in comprehensive logistics services. The cyclical nature of the courses enables us to provide predictable and constant transport of products to and from China. Based on the collected knowledge and advanced transport infrastructure, we offer the collection of goods from a Chinese manufacturer, its storage and preparation of cargo for travel. Our team of professional advisers will take care of every aspect of the order. We optimize our services, which leads to savings in customer time and money. We have a modern one truck fleet, which provides transport services in the door to door package. In this way, we carry out comprehensive orders including the collection of goods on the Asian side, its reloading and delivery to the indicated address in Poland. What's more, we monitor the progress of the order on an ongoing basis, and our customers are informed about the planned delivery date and the location of the cargo.  

The Symlog offer is a comprehensive transport solution that is intended for owners of small, medium and large enterprises. We provide unlimited storage space that will allow for the storage and transport service of goods manufactured in China. In this way, in addition to the ongoing transport of goods, we provide attractive storage solutions for, among others, owners of online stores. We rely on modern programs and thus we offer a constant overview of stock levels along with their current management. Symlog is not only about transporting goods from China to Poland. Knowledge of the transport industry in Europe allows us to carry out transport to all countries in Europe.

Symlog - comfort and safety

Our advisors will make every effort to meet customer expectations. Thanks to the openness to individual needs, we provide freedom at every stage of the service. As part of the implementation of transport orders, we are responsible for the preparation of the necessary transport documentation, which includes, among others, customs clearance. Attractive prices and a professional approach to customers translate into the trust of our partners. Please contact our consultants who will answer any questions you may have.