Door to door service symlog

International forwarding is an important branch of the economy influencing the development of international trade. The quantity and variety of transported goods and the adaptation of the offer to customer requirements make it increasingly specialized. One of the popular options chosen by entrepreneurs is the "door to door" service. We will summarize what it is and what its advantages are in this article.

Door to door service - what is it

The "door to door" service is the transport of goods from the place of origin to the addressee. It assumes that the freight forwarder will pick up the goods directly from the sender (e.g. at the customer's premises) and transport them to the destination. This offer will appeal to all entrepreneurs whose goal is optimizing the flow of goods.

The "door to door" service can be carried out in the traditional way: by train or truck. However, it is particularly advantageous when used multimodal transport based on container shipping. With this solution you get optimization of transport in terms of costs and time. The use of containers makes the whole the process is quick and efficientbecause on the entire route - regardless of the means of transport used - only one loading unit without the need to reload the goods when changing the form of transport.

Currently, on the European, including Polish, market, we have more and more shipping companies dealing with comprehensive transport servicewhich offer a "door to door" service. Our company representatives - transport organization specialists claim that more and more companies are interested in this type of service, which is clearly visible in the changing characteristics of related procurement shipping international and intercontinental.

Door to door service - how it works

W Symlog - as part of the "door to door" service - forwarders offer comprehensive transport services. First, it includes an analysis of the entire journey in terms of time and cost. Then, the specialized staff of the company selects the optimal solution for the entrepreneur. He treats each client individually and focuses on his needs. This service also includes help in choosing the right size and type container, whose characteristics depend on the transported goods (e.g. refrigerated containers). Choosing the right solution depends on the type and quantity of goods to be transported. The "door to door" transport service also includes booking a place on a ship or train.

The entire transport process runs smoothly. The shipping company picks up the goods from the customer. He has a car with a container chassis at his disposal. It also deals with the entire process of reloading the container (depending on the choice: to a train or a ship). In the case of international transport, after reaching the destination, it completes the formalities related to the customs duty of the transported cargo. The container is then reloaded onto an adapted truck with a container chassis and delivered to the place of collection.

Why is it worth investing in the "door to door" service

The popularity of the "door to door" service results from the many benefits it offers to customers. Undoubtedly - realized by specialists - it will go a long way fasterthan the transport of goods performed by several intermediaries. Each time creation individual and optimally tailored to the client's needs offer makes that the goods are transported in a favorable way time. Moreover, cargo transportation is also included price optimized.

Transport outsourcing allows companies to lowering costs constant their functioning, making them more competitive on the market. Transmission organization of the transport of goods specialists is also the abolition of liability for transport - thus for security The freight forwarder is responsible for the transported goods.

The "door to door" service is a good solution for both large enterprises and smaller companies that want to expand their sales markets or the scope of their activities. So let's find a trusted forwarder who will deliver the goods to their destination in a professional manner. Transport, especially international transport over long distances, is a complex process. Usually, a forwarder offering a "door to door" service has already established operating standards and knows the environment in which he works. It is therefore worth choosing companies - such as ours, which have many years of experience in organizing transport.