Multimodal transport

In recent years, the intensive development of the transport industry can be noticed, which, using modern solutions, allows for faster and more efficient transport of various goods. The dynamically growing network and infrastructure of land, rail and sea roads enable the transport of goods using the most optimal means of transport. The opportunity to optimize services has led to the emergence of a new branch of the transport industry, which is multimodal transport. It is worth getting acquainted with the benefits of choosing such a solution.

What is multimodal transport?

The dynamic development of the transport industry has led to the more frequent use of modern solutions that enable the transport of goods in a manner best suited to individual needs. It turned out to be the answer to the needs of demanding customers multimodal transport, which is a relatively new method that allows you to transport loads as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Multimodal transport by definition, it is the use of at least two different means of transport for the transport of a given goods, while allowing the use of different load units. For transport, both land and rail routes as well as water routes are used. Transport by road is carried out with the use of trucks a railway transport using trains with specially adapted wagons to the type of goods transported - container wagons, platforms, cisterns and refrigerators. Large ships, container ships are used in sea transport, and barges in inland navigation.

By far the most used load unit for transporting goods in multimodal transport jest container with a steel structure. The use of containers allows you to save time and money, because the transport of cargo in one and the same container does not require reloading at the point of changing the means of transport. This solution additionally guarantees the safety of transported goods, which is important especially in the case of loads that can be easily damaged.

What are the advantages of multimodal transport?

When deciding to transport goods by several means of transport, it is worth using the services of fa company specializing in multimodal transport. Outsourcing the entire process to an external company will save time, money, and provide peace of mind and guarantee that the goods will be delivered on time and intact.

He handles the entire process operator of multimodal transport, which is fully responsible for each stage of cargo transport, takes care of all necessary formalities and reacts to problems that arise during transport. Companies specializing in multimodal transportThanks to their many years of experience and vast knowledge, they are able to offer a service optimally tailored to the needs of the client who orders the transport. Route monitoring and goods delivery services are also becoming more and more common "Door-to-door"that are proposed by companies with a strong market position.

Multimodal transport allows you to optimize the entire transport route of goods, taking into account various factors. The company to which we commission the service will select the means of transport and determine the route, taking into account the type of cargo, its weight and dimensions, the expected delivery time, the customer's budget and will analyze possible obstacles. It is currently a very popular solution on the market, which is the most convenient and relatively cheapest.

When there is a necessity transportation of goods at an international or intercontinental level, multimodal transport can be additionally combined with air transport. This solution definitely allows for even faster cargo transportation, minimizing costs and ensuring safe transport of goods. It is a connection that will allow you to transport cargo between any two points around the world.