Multimodal transport

A consequence of the evolution of international trade contacts is the development of transport corridors requiring the coexistence of various transport industries. Various modes of transport cooperate with each other, creating transport chains that cover the whole world with their range. Taking advantage of the advantages of available means of communication enables optimization of the services provided. Therefore, it is worth mentioning one of the most effective systems, i.e. multimodal transport.

The essence of multimodal transport

Multimodal transport concerning the transport of goods in loading units using at least two different types of transport, on the basis of uniform conditions resulting from the multimodal transport contract, it is perfect for transporting goods to long distances. Multimodal transport service includes: loading, reloading, unloading, customs clearance, storage along the route (if necessary), insurance and monitoring of shipments. The condition for the profitability of multimodal transport is the distance for which the transport takes place. Profitability the greater the greater the distance between the sender and the addressee.

Multimodal transport - a wide range of possibilities

W multimodal transport the basic loading unit is containerwhich limits the number of small shipments. Multimodal transport They are suitable for the transport of various types of loads: from heavy, high weight and small volume, to goods with low purchase costs and particularly large sizes.

Advantages of multimodal transport

Multimodal transport is a solution that is a kind of guarantee safety of the transported cargo. In addition, one of the main advantages of this system is the perfect selection of the loading unit, which creates favorable conditions for supply chain improvements. This reduces the time involved in transhipment operations. Multimodal transport allows the use of different transport units in various combinations.

Air transport, i.e. even faster transport of goods

Exploitation air transport for the transport of goods, it seems to be the most purposeful logistic activity, especially when we care about the speed of delivery. Connection air freight for multimodal transport may significantly shorten the transport time of goods. Air freight service allows you to move cargo in much shorter times. This is especially important when transporting goods that are susceptible to changes in environmental conditions, perishable or susceptible to damage.

W transportation of goods by air Cargo planes (approx. 100 tons) are used or passenger airplanes with cargo hatches (from 2 tons to 16). The condition for efficient transport in such a system is the correct packaging of the goods. Transport by airplanes is expensive, which is why entrepreneurs often decide to transport part of the journey by truck, part by plane, and even by ship.

Advantages of air transport

By air transport a wide range of loads are carried, in addition to perishable goods to main goods carried by air transport include: post office, fresh fruit, vegetables, live plants and flowers, industrial supplies, pharmaceuticals and animals.

Air Transport also works with shipping of large-size loadswhich may take several weeks to travel by road. By using the air and road infrastructure on a comparable section, the transport time can be significantly reduced, even in some cases to several hours.

Development of aviation infrastructure

From the available data it appears that air cargo transport is becoming more and more popular. One of the factors hampering the development of this sector in our country is the insufficiently developed point infrastructure (generally accessible unloading stations, loading yards and points, logistics centers). Thanks to constant modernization, the comprehensive services related to by air transport it will certainly contribute to increasing its share in freight transport in Poland and in the world.