Air Transport

The variety of transported goods and the ever-longer transport routes require the use of appropriately adapted methods. One of the newer and most optimal solutions in the field of transport is multimodal transport, and its flexibility allows it to be combined with air transport as well.

What is multimodal transport?

By definition multimodal transport assumes the transport of cargo using at least two different means of transport. In this type of transport it is used rail, air, truck, sea and inland transport. Any combination of different means of transport on different routes allows you to achieve optimal conditions - relatively low price and possibly the fastest delivery.

Very popular in multimodal transport is use containerswhich, thanks to the development of container shipping, have been specialized in terms of the type of goods transported. For example, the market forced manufacturers to adapt the containers to, for example, perishable goods, plants or medicines, which resulted in the creation of refrigerated containers. Container you can transport virtually anything, both bulky goods, dangerous goods, animals or numerous and small parcels.

It is worth entrusting organization of this type of transport specialized a shipping company, which will carry out the entire process and assume full responsibility for it. Multimodal transport operator supervises the transport, prepares transport documentation, selects routes, carriers and reacts on an ongoing basis to emerging problems. In addition, more and more companies offer modern shipping route tracking services, goods insurance or organization of dangerous goods transport.

The use of air transport in international transport

Multimodal transport is a solution very much flexiblebecause it allows the selection of the means of transport to the type of route and its degree of urbanization, which is very important in the case of international transport. The varying degrees of development of states and their infrastructure could sometimes be a problem if there were to be confined to just one mode of transport.

Although this type of transport allows you to minimize costs and, above all, save a lot of time, there is no doubt that the use of air transport  is by far the fastest possible way of delivering the goods. Composed of multimodal transport  can come in as well air Transportso that the carriage can still be fasterwhich is very important especially on intercontinental routes.

Flexibility of air transport

Long routes, intercontinental routes and separated by water bodies require particularly flexible solutions to reduce costs and minimize delivery times. Timing is crucial, especially for perishable items, drugs, rapidly depreciating goods and semi-finished products needed for continuous production.

utilization plane guarantees the safety of the transported cargo, because that's what air Transport statistically records the lowest number of accidents. Rigorous procedures and restrictive airport controls additionally strengthen security and minimize the risk of damage and theft. This is a significant advantage, especially in the case of transporting valuable items, which are additionally transported in appropriate packaging that protects their contents.

Air Transport allows you to reach locations that may be inaccessible to other means of transport, and thus the use of an aircraft allows you to deliver goods to virtually anywhere in the world. The intensive development of the transport industry favors the more and more frequent use of the plane as a means of transporting goods. The constant expansion of rail and road networks as well as airport infrastructure allows for efficient communication of various means of transport and thus enables flexible arrangement of the transport route.