Transport is a field that covers the transport of various types of cargo. Over time, among all transfers, it was decided to classify them in order to improve the entire logistics process. The classic division includes FTL and LTL loads. Full Truck Load is nothing more than full truck loads that fill the entire cargo space, while LTL is Less Truck Load loads that allow for the transport of groupage goods. Each of these solutions has its strengths and weaknesses - what is their specification and in what circumstances should you choose a specific application?

FTL and LTL - advantages and disadvantages

Depending on individual customer requirements, it is possible to create any transport servicewhich will be adapted not only to the type of goods transported, but also to other factors. In case of full truck loads the customer receives the maximum cargo space, thanks to which it is at the sole disposal of the client. In practice, the above solution is used in the case of large loads, e.g. a given batch of products such as electronic devices or food products. This is an advantageous method as the travel route is determined according to the customer's recommendations. Both FTL transportAnd LTL create the possibility of undertaking one-off cooperation and establishing long-term cooperation between entrepreneurs and shipping companies.

LTL transport it is recommended especially when the customer has a certain amount of goods to be transported. We are talking primarily about pallet loads that take up only part of the vehicle's cargo space. Similarly, the choice of the described option is less expensive, because the transaction price is adjusted to the quantity of transported products and the distance. The possibility of sharing the cargo space means that the transport takes a bit more time - in this case, the goods collected from the customer are stored in the warehouse - in order to be able to leave it with other products that have been shipped near a given batch. Also in this case, it is necessary to carry out reloading that affects the final date of the service. Thanks to today's technological advances, both FTL transportsAnd LTL are fully safe, thanks to which the customer is guaranteed the highest quality and comprehensive service.

Organization of the transport of goods

Choosing experienced and proven shipping company the customer can be sure that his goods are in the right hands. The company's experience translates not only into the quick term of the service, but also its reliability. Transport service it is not only the transport of products - it is also the organization of reloading, the selection of the appropriate form of transport and, most importantly, the completion of all formalities related to all logistic processes.

choosing shipping company you should follow its seniority and the opinions of other customers - this way you save not only money, but also time and safety. An experienced expert in the logistics industry will propose not only a favorable solution in the area of FTL and LTL transport, but also will prepare the order according to the client's guidelines. Another advantage is the possibility to choose several means of transport, thanks to which transport can include more than just that domestic transport, but also foreign i intercontinental.

Which method of transport should you choose? The answer is - it depends. In order to be able to propose an appropriate solution, the size and quantity of the transported goods and the date of their delivery should be taken into account. In this way, the service will be properly organized and adapted to the technical conditions. Transport of goods is a dynamically developing field, which evolves from year to year - thanks to this, not only does the number of transports increase, but also time and high-quality services are gained.