cheap railway from china

Sourcing goods from China requires appropriate transport facilities. Cooperation between Poland and China allows you to enjoy the benefits that strengthen the domestic economy. Among the various transport offers, it is worth paying attention to groupage transport. Polish entrepreneurs can count on the transport of various groups of goods via multimodal trains. In addition to bulky and full-load loads, groupage transfers are also distinguished. The attractive cost of the service and freedom in terms of the transported cargo is a solution that meets all expectations. So what can you expect from rail transport between China and Poland? With Symlog, intercontinental transport is at your fingertips.

Groupage transport - for whom?

The regularity of connections is a decisive advantage of rail freight forwarding. Thanks to the use of the New Silk Road, the waiting period for rail transport on the Asia-Europe route is two to four weeks. It means, therefore, that customers can count on a steady flow of goods from across the eastern borders in a short period of time.

Modern, express trains offer many interesting solutions. A wide selection of wagons and the use of container forwarding allows you to use any cargo space. Any type of cargo can be transported this way. The advantage of the proposed solution is groupage transport. This means that contractors can commission a transport service for any amount of cargo.

The low cost of the service and the complete complexity of the discussed solution encourage the establishment of long-term commercial cooperation in China. Adapting to the needs of customers allows us to offer a comprehensive service. Its scope includes the receipt of cargo from an Asian producer and its further storage and loading. In this way, the customer can be sure that his goods are completely safe and transported in accordance with the applicable safety standards. Symlog, as a leader in the transport industry, makes every effort to meet the most demanding expectations. Constant development and the use of modern technological solutions allows us to offer services at the highest, world-class level. 

Rail transport also includes monitoring the location of the train. Thanks to this, the person ordering the service can be kept informed about the progress of work and the location of his shipment. It is also the ability to control the inventory in your company. Groupage transport also guarantees full comfort and time savings. Symlog's task is also to contact customs offices and to prepare the necessary documentation. Knowledge of the market on the Asian side affects the safety of transport.

Multimodal trains from China - guarantee of regular deliveries

Freedom and safety of transport encourages the use of the opportunities offered by multimodal transport. Groupage shipments allow you to obtain products such as electronics, clothing, footwear, mechanical tools, etc. Door to door services are also extremely popular. Thanks to multimodal transport, our clients have the opportunity to order the delivery of cargo to the address indicated - in the country and abroad.

Groupage transport, thanks to its characteristics, is also a low cost of the service, which is adapted to the level of the order. The ability to transport cargo together with other goods significantly reduces the overall transaction. By choosing a proven forwarding company, you gain a guarantee of comfort and safety. A committed team of experts allows us to adjust the service directly to the expectations of our partners. Professionalism, comprehensiveness and punctuality are the features that characterize our business. According to experts in the industry, rail freight is an attractive cost of the service and the freedom of the transported cargo.