Scandinavia is a northern region of Europe characterized by a wealth of natural resources, as well as a high demand for products from the rest of the world. Symlog, as an experienced partner in international transport, offers a number of transport services including comprehensive transport of goods to countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Thanks to a modern fleet of trucks, we provide comprehensive logistics services to selected European countries and beyond.

Characteristics of transport to the Scandinavian countries

The modern economic model in the northern part of the old continent encourages the establishment of new partnerships with Poland. Thanks to the extremely advanced network of motorways and expressways, transport to Denmark, Sweden or Norway ensures complete mobility. The Symlog offer includes the transport of both small courier parcels and groupage as well as full truck loads. It is an extremely comfortable solution that allows you to customize the service in accordance with the customer's guidelines. 

The inhabitants of northern Europe are focused on implementing modern technologies. This, in turn, encourages the export of goods from any region of Europe - including Poland. The situation is similar with the import of Scandinavian goods to our country. The highest quality of products and high accuracy are appreciated by Polish entrepreneurs. 

The economy of the Scandinavian countries is focused on the manufacturing, metallurgical, metallurgical and wood industries. This is where the world's giants such as Ikea, Husqvarna and Volvo come from. Truck transport to and from Scandinavia offers a number of opportunities that allow the development of both the Polish and foreign market. Statistics show that furniture, mechanical and electrical tools, cars and trucks, as well as electronic devices are among the most sourced goods from the northern part of Europe. The inhabitants of Finland, Sweden and Norway also express an increasing demand for goods from the IT sector. The most frequently imported goods are computers and external drives. Clothing and food are also very popular. 

How to plan a transport to the Scandinavian countries? 

Thanks to the experience gathered over the years in the Symlog company, we pay special attention to the needs of our clients. The transport of selected goods to European countries requires proper knowledge of the transport industry and scrupulousness. Thanks to the varied fleet of trucks, Symlog experts will adjust the service to individual needs. In this way, transport to the northern part of Europe allows the transport of food, natural resources, liquid materials and other cargo that require special conditions for safe transport. 

The transport provided allows you to fully optimize costs and time. Thanks to the constant monitoring of the cargo position, our customers are kept informed about the status of the service, which contributes to the safe and timely delivery of the cargo. Importantly, the comprehensive nature of the service allows our clients to effectively develop other sectors of activity, as well as acquire new goods from selected countries of the old continent. Based on modern technological solutions, Symlog advisors will take care of every stage of the service - including completing the necessary transport documentation or contacting foreign offices. 

Transport to the Scandinavian countries takes place in the shortest possible time, ensuring the free flow of selected loads - without quantitative restrictions. In addition, for the sake of the highest standard of logistics services offered, Symlog introduced door to door transport to its offer, thanks to which the goods are delivered to selected unloading places, ensuring complete mobility. We invite you to contact our advisors who will answer any questions.