Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since the beginning of the war, we have carried out dozens of transports with aid for Ukraine, including water purification systems, power generators, off-road vehicles. Our team has the experience and expertise to deal with the unique challenges of delivering humanitarian aid to this country. We understand the importance of getting supplies to those in need as quickly and efficiently as possible and are committed to providing our customers with a comprehensive service that meets their specific needs.

Our experience with shipments and local knowledge of Ukraine allows us to offer our clients a range of services, including rail and sea freight, road transport and customs clearance. Knowledge of local laws, customs and culture is our asset, thanks to which we are able to provide a personalized service that takes into account the unique challenges of the region.
We are dedicated to providing the best, unique service to our customers. We believe that our experience and knowledge make us an ideal partner for companies that want to expand their operations or provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine.
You can create a secure customs hub in our warehouse in Warsaw, from which we will quickly deliver your goods to Ukraine.
If you are interested in obtaining additional information about our services, please contact us.

Thank you for your attention and we invite you to contact the project supervisor:

Dariusz Wozniak: +48 785 002 510