How to arrange transport

Multimodal transport is an attractive solution that allows you to safely import goods both from European neighbors and from other continents. The Symlog company offers a wide package of multimodal services that allow you to import any type of cargo from a selected place in the world. Our experts, based on the experience gathered over the years, will create an attractive logistics service tailored to the individual needs of customers. Check and see how easy it is to import goods from abroad.

Multimodal transport - trust the professionals

Thanks to a diversified transport fleet, Symlog offers comprehensive logistics services. The characteristics of multimodal transport allow you to optimize the time and cost of the service in an attractive way. The cargo, which uses several forms of transport, is in the hands of professionals who will make every effort to ensure that the purchased goods arrive safely and on time. Our experts monitor the location of the goods on an ongoing basis, while coordinating all transport processes. In this way, the customer has a real influence on the service and its course. We inform about the expected delivery date, while ensuring the comprehensive nature of our services. 

Multimodal transport allows you to efficiently transport cargo both on the international and intercontinental arena. Express multimodal trains from China, they travel the New Silk Road every day, ensuring regular deliveries of products from Asia. Our offer also includes psea, truck, rail and container pedaling. Thanks to such an extensive offer, we will help to create a logistics service tailored to the individual needs of customers. 

Using modern technologies, we manage logistics processes on an ongoing basis, ensuring comfort and safety of transport. Our company is distinguished by many years of experience, which, thanks to the knowledge of the transport industry, allows us to optimize transport costs. In the interests of the highest quality of services, we offer comprehensive order processing, thanks to which customers gain valuable time and comfort allowing for further business development. Offered by Symlog multimodal services allow to provide a number of additional options that affect the highest standard of the orders offered. An example of such a solution is multimodal transport extended with a package door to door. In practice, this means that the goods reach the address indicated in the order via trucks. 

Multimodal transport - learn about its advantages in practice

Multimodal transport is particularly effective over long distances. Its advantage is that there are no restrictions related to the type of goods and their quantity. In this way, the customer can transport any cargo. The most frequently transported loads include food, clothing, footwear, electronic and mechanical articles and gadgets. 

In order to ensure the highest comfort and level of service, our loading areas meet the most stringent safety standards. Our experts will guarantee the comprehensive nature of the order, thanks to which we prepare the necessary transport documentation and contact customs offices. Multimodal transport is an extremely attractive solution that in the XNUMXst century ensures fast delivery and a guarantee of regular deliveries. Our services are comprehensive and professional transport solutions that contribute to the development of your company. By choosing Symlog, you can count on being open to individual needs that will help ensure success in business. Thanks to the knowledge of the logistics industry and the use of modern technologies, we constantly implement new solutions that increase the comfort and nature of our transports. We invite you to contact our advisors who will propose the best transport solution.