road freight forwarding symlog

Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for solutions that allow for the optimal transport of goods over short and long distances. Road transport is the most popular means of commodity exchange. However, is such a choice always the most profitable and will it guarantee competition on the market?

Car transport it is quite a traditional way of transporting cargo. This is usually done with Car delivery vans (transport of not very large loads) or trucks (larger loads), including tractor units adapted to haul semi-trailers. Car transport it also facilitates the use of containers, which are unified packages for transported goods. It is used both on the local market and over long distances (international transport).

Organization of car transport

Companies dealing with road forwarding they usually use foreign carriers on a permanent or irregular basis (spot). Shipments are properly secured, and modern telematics systems are used to monitor the entire transport process. Comprehensive customer service usually includes reloading of goods, transfers and customs clearance, as well as cargo insurance.

Services in the field of organization of car transport our company also offers in Western Europe (eg England, Ireland, Belgium) and in the East (eg Russia, Kazakhstan). Cooperation with proven transport companies with a versatile fleet car , including semi-trailers with the possibility of loading up to 24 tons of goods, makes us a flexible and tailored service. You can choose from: cisterns, cars tippers / bathtubs, cars in a refrigerated box and cars in a tarpaulin construction. It is also possible to transport general cargo to the CIS countries. Specialized measures road transport they are adapted to transport almost any type of cargo.

Road forwarding it can be one of the elements of multimodal transport. This solution is usually used in international freight forwarding - continental and intercontinental, where the transport of goods by cars is supplemented by rail or sea transport.

Versatile transport options

Car transport it is irreplaceable at relatively short distances. It is also convenient, because it allows you to deliver the parcel directly "to the recipient's door" - on time or "just in time". Works well with smaller loads of 1-2 containers.

It is hard to imagine that a small entrepreneur who brings a small amount of goods from a not too distant city would use any other type of transport. It is also a relatively easily accessible method of transport - z Car small and large companies and private persons can use it. Advantage car forwarding there is also a great possibility of individualizing services for a specific customer with whom the time of delivery or collection of parcels is determined, as well as the optimal route in terms of time and costs. It is a convenient and flexible solution for production companies that complete the goods for shipment and can only approximate the time of loading.

Conditions for the use of road transport

Road forwarding it is successfully used in countries with well-developed road infrastructure, especially with a dense road network (good spatial accessibility). Its advantages are usually the timeliness and frequency of deliveries, as well as the usually favorable delivery time. By car, often even more so, you can go to production plants located somewhere on the sidelines, but also to companies located in the centers of large cities.

When choosing this type of goods transport, however, you have to take into account the possibility of delay in the shipment due to the increasing traffic congestion. Besides, there are various other "variables" that affect cost and time road transporti.e. the price of fuel, which increases and decreases, the necessity to cross country borders and the related inconvenience (customs clearance, queues at border crossings, etc.).

In case of frequent use of transports automotive it is worth considering comprehensive shipment service including transport, storage and distribution of goods or related services along with all formal (legal, customs) service of the load.