multimodal forwarding

The dynamically developing economic exchange in the world means that new solutions in the field of goods transport are constantly sought. One of the newer proposals available from forwarders is multimodal transport.

What in transport is the most important? Above all, efficiency. What matters for the entrepreneur and the freight forwarder is whether a given cargo will reach its destination on time, without any damage, and whether the transport will be at the best price. What seemed impossible a few years ago is a necessary condition today.

Effective intercontinental transport it is possible thanks to multimodal forwarding, i.e. the use of various forms of transport to transport one load, which is usually a container. Currently, this is how orders in the field of volinternational sport. The search for new solutions in freight forwarding is one of the elements of the development of the global economy, and the diagnosis of the most effective options contributes to the global development of the economy and trade.

The future of intercontinental transportation

Multimodal transport In short, it is the transport of goods in the form of loading units (such as a container, swap body, specialized containers) by at least two types of transport (by various means, e.g. a truck, a rail car) on the basis of one transport document.

The most common types multimodal transport have:

  • container transport,
  • land-water transport (land-ferry)
  • rail-road transport.

Transport in this form, it is perfect especially where it is impossible to transport cargo only by sea or only by rail.

Benefits of multimodal transport

In the XXI century multimodal forwarding it is one of the most efficient modes of freight transport, which is adapted to intercontinental distances. Why is it worth using? It allows to reduce the costs of transport and its duration, as well as to simplify the procedures related to the transport of goods. This is of great importance in the case of the increasingly dynamically developing economic cooperation between Europe and Asian countries (primarily East Asia). Additionally, this type of transport, especially utilitarian express freight trains, allows for the simultaneous transport of a very large amount of goods.

Multimodal forwarding it is therefore a relatively cheap and convenient solution in the case of intercontinental communication. It takes advantage of the specific features of various modes of transport and uses them to optimize the transport of goods. It should be remembered that it is also a goal multimodal transport is to increase the quality of transport-related services (e.g. low risk of damage to the goods, faster delivery). For customers involved in international trade, a large number of different transport options to choose from is also important.

Forwarding and transport is a branch of the economy that develops extremely intensively. Intercontinental transportationby taking appropriate measures such as multimodal forwarding is an extremely important element of trade for modern entrepreneurs. Currently, we are not stuck with just one solution. Transport is strictly adapted to the needs of a given recipient group, it is tailored to the individual needs of the client and, thanks to the use of specialized companies, it becomes really simple and available to every entrepreneur.

Our economy can also benefit from it multimodal transport. Its main features are:

  • speed,
  • reliability,
  • favorable price,
  • the possibility of transporting huge loads.

Multimodal forwarding is a flexible, optimal solution for transport services. In Poland, it is developing very dynamically, which is related, among others, to with the idea of ​​construction The New Silk Road, which is to enable the efficient and safe transport of goods from China to European countries.