Transport is a dynamically developing branch of the economy, realizing the basic need to move goods from producers to outlets. At the same time, it is an important component of the operating costs of production and commercial enterprises, which translates into the need to search for optimal solutions in terms of price and quality of transport.

Multimodal transport - a task for specialists

At this point, it is worth emphasizing that there are so many methods and ways of moving goods that finding the optimal solution is not the easiest task. There are many modes of transport. Among them, the following should be highlighted:

  • road transport,
  • railway transport,
  • maritime transport,
  • inland transport,
  • air Transport.

If we take into account that in each of these branches there are at least a few various means of transport, we will realize how complicated the task is faced by those responsible for organizing transport - freight forwarders.

What's more, combining several different modes of transport is gaining popularity nowadays, in particular over long distances (international shipping). This is called multimodal transport, which can be a combination of e.g. rail and car transport. In most cases, to transport goods from the origin to the main destination means of transport (NP. college) trucks are used. Similarly, in the case of delivery to the final addressee, because other means of transport do not have the possibility of delivery to any place (lack of the necessary infrastructure).

We specialize in the use of an intermodal train from China, which increases the competitiveness of our partners through relatively low transport costs. The railway infrastructure system on the China - Poland route is highly developed, which allows for a significant reduction in the delivery time compared to the alternative one sea ​​transport.

Multimodal forwarding - advantages of the solution

A special aspect of this transport is multimodalityi.e. the use of the same loading unit despite several different means of transport. We can list several advantages of such a solution, in particular:

  • significant cost reduction;
  • speed and timeliness of delivery;
  • reducing the risk of damage to goods;
  • getting rid of costly and time-consuming reloading operations thanks to the use of a universal loading unit;
  • high quality and availability intermodal transport services;
  • loading and unloading can take place in many ways using different devices.

The international forwarding we offer is characterized primarily by complexity, which in practice means that we are responsible and carry out all activities necessary to carry out international transport. As part of the services provided:

  • we accept orders and advise on shipping processes;
  • we choose the optimal one means of transport based on the specified route, the specificity of the transported cargo;
  • we conclude transport contracts;
  • we prepare full transport documentation: consignment notes (including sea and air), CMR, etc .;
  • we insure the goods during transport;
  • we collect the parcel directly from the sender;
  • we deliver the parcel to the recipient;
  • we deal with customs clearance (documentation, fees, compliance with requirements);
  • we store the goods, e.g. while waiting for reloading to another means of transport;
  • we assign rights to the shipment;
  • we advise the delivery of goods at specific collection points;
  • we carry out reloading processes along with palletization.

In summary, our offer of international forwarding can be described as "door to door", That is, the implementation of literally all activities and processes that make up the transport from the place of dispatch to the place of final collection.

With specialist knowledge and many years of experience, we are able to create a transport concept taking into account all existing factors. We have an extensive database of partners from transport industry, thanks to which, depending on individual conditions, we implement traditional forwarding - using a conventional measure transport or also multimodal, benefiting from innovative solutions, mainly container ones.