Container transport is an extremely popular solution that works, among others, internationally and intercontinentally. Every day, shipping containers travel thousands of kilometers, supporting global trade in goods. Business Symlog offers comprehensive transport solutions allowing for comprehensive organization of container transport from a selected location in the world. If you want to obtain information about container transport, it is worth obtaining the necessary knowledge and learning about the types of sea containers. 

Container construction - what does the container consist of?

Container transport is an extremely systematic process which, thanks to its standardization, allows us to offer international transport of goods. The advantage of this solution is the possibility of transporting any type of cargo - without quantitative restrictions. Dimensions of sea containers they allow for the implementation of both full-load and groupage transport. In this way, the cost of the service is individually adjusted to the client's expectations and the space occupied. 

Shipping containers Due to their specification, they have been divided in order to properly plan and facilitate the process of transporting a given load. The first container is 20 feet container - called colloquially general purpose universal container. It was designed for the transport of groupage goods, thanks to which its characteristics allow for the successful transport of various loads belonging to several recipients. According to generally accepted customs container definition allows for its multiple use, thanks to which they are used in several forms of transport. Container transport is also part of multimodal transport. In practice, this means that the goods are transported to the customer via several forms of transport. On this level, we can distinguish rail, sea, truck and air freight. 

Previously discussed universal container this is just one of the items in the overall breakdown shipping containers. It deserves attention open top container - the so-called hard top containter. It is usually widely used for the transport of loose goods, thanks to which it provides optimal conditions for the transport of, among others, natural resources. Another solution is a container with open sides, which will allow the transport of non-standard loads, which, due to their dimensions, require a non-standard loading process. In addition, the forwarding industry offers the possibility of using refrigerated, platform or tanker containers. It is also very popular sea ​​container - his a well-thought-out design offers free and safe transportation. In this way, container transport offers the possibility of using flexible solutions tailored to the individual needs of the customer. However, they enjoy the greatest interest containers in maritime transport. Sea transport, due to its availability and an extremely extensive logistics infrastructure, allow the organization of shipments from almost anywhere in the world. 

Container transport - how to choose the right type of container?

Using container transport company Symlog offers a comprehensive logistic service tailored to the individual expectations of our clients. Our experienced team of forwarders will professionally select the appropriate type of container to ensure safe conditions for the transport of the selected goods. Our extensive offer and transport fleet covers them all kinds of sea containers and shipping containers. Our company's many years of activity allow us to offer transport of any type of cargo - without quantitative restrictions. In this way, we ensure the optimization of time and costs related to the logistics service carried out. We invite you to contact our advisors who will help you choose the right solution tailored to your individual needs.