Freight forwarding is organizing the transport of cargo and performing certain activities related to it. In the broadest sense, it is the service of shipments, both in terms of their sending, as well as collection and transport. Shipping is therefore a service activity, and its essence consists in organizing the transmission and transport of shipments from the sender to the recipient.

Forwarding service consists in managing and organizing all activities related to the shipment of goodsand hers the goal is to ensure safe and effective delivery to the indicated place. It also falls within its scope storage i processing documentsrelated to the shipment, warehouse order and storage, repackaging, loading and insurance, possible briefing customs, collection, unloadingand often delivery to the recipient's door.

Shipping companies, how to choose the right one?

Firmproviding forwarding services there are many, so it is difficult to decide which of them to cooperate with. When making a choice, however, it is good to bet on forwarder experience and comprehensive services provided by him. Good forwarding companies meet the expectations of customersby offering comprehensive service in the field of transport organization, but also in other aspects directly related to this transport, which include for example "door to door" service. Professional comprehensiveness forwarder it is based on the fact that he can offer his clients organization of transport with each of the possible modes of transport. This is why all orders placed by him will be treated individually, while the choice of means of transport will depend on what in a specific situation will be the most advantageous and economical solution.

Types of forwarding services provided by professionals

Professional shipping companies try to meet the expectations of their customers, which is why they are in their offer comprehensive forwarding services, provided in endand also on international and intercontinental scale.

The most popular shipping service is car forwarding. Such a service is provided on the basis of for truck transport, and it concerns partial and whole vehicle transportation. Forwarder It has access do a wide fleet of vehicles, differing in load capacity, as well specialized vehicles, adapted to the transport of special shipments. Such a service also comes with opportunity organization of transshipments, severance pay customs or cargo insurance. It is the rule the ability to control the mileage transport process thanks to modern telecommunication systems.

The domain of professionals is also the possibility of use transport multimodalwhich includes not only road, but also railway and containerized carriage of goods.

Railway forwarding is a service typically used for transporting goods na substantial distances, for example to countries in the Far East and even to China. Rail is often the most economical way to transport shipmentsand more and more common use of containers, constituting unified transport units, additionally improves the entire process, allows for efficient reloading and guarantees the safety of transport.

When it comes to Fr. containers next forwarding servicewhich is constantly gaining popularity is container shipping. Containers can be used practically in every branch of transport, and this is associated with the ever increasing importance forwarding multimodal and intermodalproposed by professionals.

The organization of intermodal transport is a forwarding servicethat professionals carry out in full cycle - so starting with receipt goods from the sender, through transport of the container by road, its reloading onto a train or ship, collection and delivery to the final recipient again using a truck with a container chassis. At the discretion of forwarder is also located giving advice concerning choosing the right container and, of course, development optimal transport routeso in terms of time, me too costs.

Because professional forwarder all that matters with customer needshe can arrange as well air transport of shipmentswhich must be delivered for various reasons in express time. Such service also is implemented in full the fieldand therefore includes preparation of all necessary documents, representation of the client in customs matters, as well as the organization of transport of shipments to the airport and from the airport to the destination using other means of transport.

Of course all of these services they are also characterized by adequate quality of service and timely execution of orders. Customers, entrusting the planning of all transport tasks to a professional company forwarding, he does not have to worry about the safety of transport or about the formalities related to transport, because the service provider will take care of everything for him.