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Cooperation between Poland and China has been going on for a long time. Thanks to the transport possibilities and the potential of both countries, economic relations are tightening more and more every year. Both China as a world power and Poland have a lot of opportunities that fill the economic gaps of both countries. So what does the mutual exchange of goods offer and what are the benefits?

China and Poland - good partners in business

With the opening of the New Silk Transport Route, the possibilities of establishing new trade relations between countries increased. Due to attachment to tradition and appreciation of common values, Poland and China enjoy great trust among domestic entrepreneurs. According to recent statistics, the average annual turnover related to trade between countries amounts to approximately PLN 136 billion, which emphasizes how much mutual benefits this intercontinental cooperation generates. Among the many products that are exported to China from Poland, there are tools and electronic parts, plastics and their semi-finished products, as well as base metals. On the other hand, the Polish market is open to textile products, electronic tools, clothing, as well as industrial tools and machines.

Considering the extremely strong competition, Poland has been ensuring a solid partnership for many years and encourages further business activities. Despite the constant development, both countries are still open to the influx of modern technologies that will improve the domestic economy. Thanks to such broad cooperation prospects, more and more Polish entrepreneurs decide to establish partnerships with Chinese partners. Acquiring new goods and their subsequent transport requires the use of a reliable carrier that will comprehensively deal with the organization of transport of various types of goods. For this purpose, express ones can help multimodal trainsthat connect Asia with the old continent. 

Express trains from China - an ally in business

When deciding to transport goods from another continent, select the carrier that

guarantees comprehensive services. In order to be able to ensure maximum comfort, the transport of goods to Poland includes not only the transport of cargo between continents, but also the collection of goods from the customer, its reloading - including storage and delivery to the indicated address, both in the country and abroad. Thanks to the transport specification, it is possible to transport any type of cargo, without quantitative restrictions. In this way, both food and materials exposed to external factors can be successfully transported.

By using the offer of multimodal trains from China, the client obtains full insight into the service. In this way, he is informed about the expected delivery date, and can keep track of the location of his cargo. Cargo transportation is also a responsibility and safety. In order to ensure the highest quality of services, every order is supervised by a team of experienced employees who will take care of every - even the smallest detail.

The door to door service is another convenience that allows you to conduct constant trade. By maintaining regular departure dates, the risk of possible downtime and loss of goods is also eliminated, which allows you to develop the structure of your business. Thanks to such an advanced service, the customer gains not only time, but also freedom.

Preparation of appropriate shipping documentation, as well as contact with customs offices, is the role of the shipping company. The Symlog offer includes a number of services that guarantee fast and safe transport both from China to Poland, as well as from Poland to China. We believe that the solutions we propose will meet all the expectations of our customers, thus guaranteeing complete comfort and freedom.