China is one of the most popular destinations in the field of global trade. Also Europe, and with it Poland, is constantly developing economic contacts with the Middle Kingdom. The way to efficiently transport goods based on optimized elements was the use of express freight trains.

In determination New Silk Road there are many historical references - it refers to the ancient trade route connecting China with Europe and the Middle East. It was used to transport not only silk, but also iron, paper, gold and jewelery. Today New Silk Road is the main concept of the economic development of the Middle States, assuming the continuous development of the already existing railway connections between China and Europe.

Contemporary with a traditional name

New Silk Road to rail network connecting China and European countries. The route runs through Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus and is gaining more and more popularity mainly due to the optimization of time and transport costs. Usage freight express trains it is a huge simplification for intercontinental freight transport, but also an opportunity to open up new markets.

There are several regular lines The New Silk Road. One that can be considered the most logistically attractive leads from Chinese Zhengzhou to multimodal center near Warsaw. There are mainly goods whose journey ends in the countries of Poland and Western Europe. The center is also a transhipment point.

New Silk Road grows, and its development benefits both the Chinese side, serving individual lines of this intricate network of transport routes, as well as European companies. What can be gained by using the freight transport offer by express trains? First of all, reliability and safety.

The advantages of transporting goods along the New Silk Road

An undoubted advantage The New Silk Road are relatively low shipping costs. Of course, the time is not without significance, as it is several times shorter compared to sea transport (from 12 to 16 days between central China and Germany, by sea 50-60 days). Same transportation railway it is ideally suited and meets the requirements also for a specific group of goods - e.g. food products for which sea shipping takes too long, and air freight generates too high costs. Moreover, the carriage of goods carried out by express freight trains fits perfectly with the philosophy multimodal transport.

Fashion for Asia

The fashion for Asia and products imported from China is not weakening. The Middle Kingdom has been used as a place of cheap labor for several decades. Since 2010, it has won the honorable title of the second world economy, losing only to the United States. It is also the most dynamically developing market in our globe with an average growth rate oscillating around 10% annually for the last 30 years. It is also the largest exporter of all types of goods and the second largest importer.

This huge, still insatiable market creates perfect conditions for the development of business contacts, both in terms of buying and selling goods there. This tendency is unlikely to change in the near future and Europe, including Poland, will continue to maintain a high level of exchange of goods with China. Our country mainly imports from this country textiles, leather products, clothing, electronics, chemicals, cosmetics, vehicles, car parts, agricultural products and food. All of these products are perfect for multimodal transportthe backbone of which they are express freight trains traveling The New Silk Road.

Transport shapes world markets

For freight forwarders, the development of China's rail connections with Europe is a great opportunity to increase the scale of operations. China is striving to open new transport routes, it wants the transport of goods to be much faster, more profitable and safe. For us, it is, above all, an opportunity to increase exports to China. What seemed impossible a few years ago is becoming more and more real, mainly due to new modes of transport. The shortest variant of the land route The New Silk Road leads to Germany, just through Poland. Thanks to this fortunate geopolitical location, we can enjoy the benefits of the most dynamically developing trade route of the XNUMXst century.