Transport is an important sector of the economy that meets the needs of moving not only cargo, but also people. The transport of goods, on the other hand, performs tasks related to the movement of materials, finished products or components, and the effectiveness of commercial transactions depends on its efficient operation, both in domestic and foreign trade.

The development of cargo transport as well as the progressive integration in the technical, organizational, documentation and legal aspects allowed for the development of combined, multimodal transport services. Multimodal transport, which means the transport of unified transport units, i.e. containers over long distances using various means of transport, is constantly gaining popularity, and service providers are implementing a number of improvements to it that contribute to even greater efficiency of this type of transport.

What is transport door to door?

Door to door service it is by no means new. It has long been implemented by ftransport companies from the CEP industry, delivering shipments throughout the country. This form of service is often offered by manufacturers as part of warranty repairs of their products. Recently door to door transport service applies also much longer distances.

International and intercontinental door to door transport  is the type of transport that allows maximum shortening of the time and cost of delivery. It consists of implementation shipping service by one freight forwarder onlystarting from collecting the cargo from the sender until it is delivered to the final addressee. Same formulation “Door to door"I.e. from doors to doors reflects the specificity of this type of transport.

This service can be performed in a traditional way, but its implementation is based on container transport allows you to better control the time of transport and the level of costs incurred. Thanks to this, the transport is efficient and fast, regardless of the amount and type of used means of transport. It is also important safety of transported goods, which is additionally protected by placing it in container. Is not he was then exposed to damage during loading or transhipmentand when necessary temporary storage rests safely in container. This is very essential, especially in the case of transportation of goods of considerable valuesuch as electronics.

Door to door service is implemented by freight forwarders at an angle needs of a given client, at the same time on freight forwarders rests also full responsibility for a given load na all stages of transport. Usually professional freight forwarders offer to principals Technical assistanceand also lend necessary informationconcerning carrying out transport via the Internet or the hotline.

Freight forwarders even before starting the service carefully analyze the route carriage of goodswhich allows for maximum time reduction and leads to minimizing costs. He is also one of them choosing the right containerwhat it will be like adapted to a specific product. Thanks to such organization, the entire transport process runs very smoothly. The shipping company not only collects the goods from the sender and delivers them to the recipient, but also deals with the entire transhipment process, and after reaching the destination, they rest on it as well formalities associated with customs clearance of goods.

What do shippers consider when organizing door to door transport?

Professional shipping companies, that offer a service door to door transport When accepting each engagement, they must consider a number of important considerations, including:

  • thorough analysis of the route, which allows you to optimize the time and costs of transport;
  • selecting the appropriate container, which will be adapted to the dimensions and type of goods;
  • finding the best carriers who will carry out individual sections of the route;
  • booking a place in advance on a ship or on a train for the transported container.

Who is the door to door service for?

From the offer door to door transport most of all benefit you entrepreneursyou care about optimizing the flow of goodsand also on shortening the delivery time. Also entrepreneurswho care about natural environment often choose this form of transport. Due to the diversified connected modes of transport, the roads are less congested, which directly contributes to the protection of the environment. From the service door to door enjoy smaller companies i large enterprisesthat run a broad spectrum of operations around the world.