Railway transport

According to experts from the transport industry, multimodal transport is the future of logistics services. The comfort and freedom associated with combined transport allows you to focus on other aspects related to running your business. Multimodal forwarding services is an offer tailored to the individual needs of customers. By taking advantage of the opportunities offered by a professional and experienced forwarding company, you gain the optimal cost of the order and save a lot of time. So what are the benefits of multimodal transport?

Multimodal transport - safe and comfortable

Transfer of goods based on multimodal transport is a proven solution that is widely used in international and intercontinental transport. Thanks to the flexibility offered by Symlog, customers have a real impact on the service. An experienced team of specialists who know the characteristics of the transport industry in a selected region of the world will configure the transport service to individual customer requirements.

The idea of ​​multimodal transport is to use at least two forms of transport. In this way, the service is fully optimized in terms of time and resources. Multimodal shipping services it is primarily the complexity of the entrusted tasks. Thanks to the use of the latest technological solutions, Symlog offers transport of any type of cargo, both between countries and between continents. A transport offer based on the possibilities it offers sea ​​and truck transport and railway is an attractive proposition for people who want to implement a single service, as well as establish permanent cooperation.

Multimodal forwarding services - guarantee of fast delivery

The use of several sources of cargo transport makes the cost of the service extremely attractive. Container forwardingwhich is part of multimodal transport allows you to transportation of general cargo - including express courier, full load and oversized shipments. Access to the latest solutions allows for safe transport of both food, metal articles and other groups of products that require special conditions for transport.

Multimodal transport it's also a convenience. Thanks to the comprehensiveness of the entrusted services, the forwarding organizes not only the collection of goods from the manufacturer, but also the selection of means of transport, possible reloading and storage of the goods purchased by the customer. In this way, the customer gains peace of mind and confidence that his cargo is supervised by a team of experienced people who will make every effort to meet the transport conditions. On the part of the shipping company, there is also the creation of technical documentation necessary for the transport and contact with customs offices. In this way, the client, deciding to provide the service, can enjoy full comfort.

For the sake of the highest quality of services, Symlog also offers multimodal transport based on the package door to door. In this way, the goods are delivered to the address indicated by the customer. Security considerations are equally important. Thanks to the complete transparency of the services offered, the customer is kept informed about the location of the cargo along with the estimated delivery date.

Multimodal services based on express freight trains it is also an offer for people looking for a proven carrier that organizes a comprehensive transport connecting Asia with Europe. Multimodal forwarding services are a combination of the highest quality and freedom. A modern fleet of trucks allows for fast and safe transport of any type of cargo. Full mobility and openness to customer needs make it multimodal transport is a solution tailored to the most complex needs. We invite you to contact our experts who will propose the best solution. The experience gained over the years in the form of knowledge of the transport industry allows us to guarantee services at the highest, global level.