Currently, many Polish companies are expanding their activities outside the country. Such a solution allows to open up many additional paths of activity, but at the same time presents entrepreneurs with new challenges. One of them is the transport of goods. The use of outsourcing in this area seems to be very beneficial.

International forwarding

Many companies offer their services in the field of transporting goods abroad, but you should carefully consider the choice of the company to which you intend to entrust such a responsible task. First of all, it is important to check it thoroughly when selecting a transport company. Here you should especially pay attention to experience in the field of international transport, facilities and rolling stockavailable to the company, and opinion about it regarding reliability or flexibility.

An additional advantage of the company dealing in forwarding and transport is versatility of activities. It is important in the perspective of time, because in the event of an expansion of our company or an increase in the size of cooperation with a foreign partner, it will not be necessary to change the shipping company.

Companies that guarantee the comprehensiveness of the services provided can take the huge burden off the shoulders of the company ordering the transport. Specialists in the field of road forwarding, when accepting an order for transport, take care of comprehensive organization of transportand thus also reloading of goods, transfers and customs clearances as well as Cargo insurance.

Road forwarding

Road forwarding it is a very convenient and relatively inexpensive form of transporting goods over medium distances, i.e. mainly in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. In this type of transport, we have a choice between transporting small amounts of goods by 1,5-ton vans to semi-trailers that can transport up to 24 tons. Transport using trucks can be commissioned in a tarpaulin body, in a refrigerated body, with the use of a tipper truck / bathtub or a tanker. The choice of the means of transport should be dictated by the type of goods transported.

Additionally, note that car forwarding can also be one of the elements of multimodal transport also covering rail and container transport. This solution allows you to optimize the costs of the entire transport. Leaders on the forwarding services market use modern telematics systems to enable their clients to control the course of transport at every stage

Railway forwarding

Railway forwarding has many advantages, the most important of which is the price. This type of transport allows you to transport a large number of goods in a relatively short time and at a very competitive price. It is a great solution to combine Europe with Asia. This type of transport can also be an element multimodal transport. Railway transport it has one more undeniable advantage - it is not dependent on the degree of urbanization of the area, i.e. no dependence on the presence of paved roads.

There is a relatively new solution in the field of long-distance freight transport container transport using express freight trains. Due to the growing economic importance and promotion New Jedwabne Trail China is the most popular destination for transporting goods by rail. Multimodal transport allows goods to travel this route quickly and at a relatively low cost.

Container forwarding

An increasing popularity can be observed in the forwarding market container transport. This solution guarantees the safety of transported goods (no need to reload the goods in the event of changing the means of transport) and lower transport costs even to the most remote corners of the world. Containers are the best option in the event multimodal forwarding - the customer can choose between platform and open-top containers as well as refrigerated containers.

Multimodal transport

Multimodal transport it is a service that optimizes the costs and route of transporting goods, even over the longest distances. It can be implemented internationally as well as intercontinental.

Multimodal services is a type of goods transport that uses at least two different modes of transport, e.g. road freight forwarding, rail freight and transport by sea. It is characterized by high flexibility and modernity. It allows the service to be provided in the "door-to-door", That is, taking care of the goods from the moment they are picked up from the customer until the goods are delivered to the destination.

The variety of available solutions allows customers to flexibly approach the subject of goods transport by road. At the same time, it allows to fully optimize the type of forwarding to the individual needs of entrepreneurs, thanks to which they receive an optimized service that allows them to save time, money and involvement in the implementation of legally and organisationally difficult orders.