How to arrange transport

Moving goods between many countries can be problematic. Diverse documentation, customs regulations, transport organization and finally language barriers can be an insurmountable problem for many. So how to organize transport to achieve the set goals with minimum involvement? It is best to use the help of an experienced forwarder.

Freight forwarder - a demanding profession

Organization of international transport is an extremely demanding industry, which forces its employees to have both extensive knowledge and skills. Forwarder in order to achieve the expected results of its work, it must meet the requirements set not only by customers, but also representatives of transport companies and intermediaries. In addition, this work requires flexibility and commitment in the field of complementary management of the transport process and readiness to respond to various circumstances that may disrupt the continuity of the transport process.

Freight Forwarder - will propose an optimal solution

using shipping company services you are guaranteed cooperation with specialists in your field who, based on the expectations provided by you, will be able to propose the most optimal solutions. And there may be a lot of them. Depending on whether you focus on low transport costs or the delivery time, the forwarder will arrange the type of transport adequate to your expectations.

An essential task forwarder jest organization of transport in formal terms - the transport of food products will be different, differently with clothing or electronics, and differently with dangerous goods.

Let's analyze the opportunities you get thanks to cooperation with an experienced forwarder.

Transport time optimization

If your goal is first and foremost shortening the transport time  The freight forwarder can offer us 2 solutions related to the use multimodal transport. The first will be multimodal forwardingthe backbone of which will be express freight train. This type of transport makes it possible to transport cargo from multimodal terminals that are distant from each other by thousands of kilometers (e.g. from the terminal near Warsaw to the terminal in Zhengzhou in China) in less than 2 weeks. If the time is not satisfactory for the customer, the freight forwarder will suggest air Transportwhich will further shorten the transport time.

Optimization of transport costs

If the basic criterion for the client is dinnerwhat he will have to pay for the carriage of goods, the freight forwarder will also propose several options. One of them will be discussed already rail freightwhich offers a competitive price in relation to air transport. The second option will be container forwarding based on sea freight. The latter option, however, significantly extends the transport time - in the case of an order involving the transport of goods from China to Poland, the transport may take up to 2 months.

Formalities - a task for advanced users only

International forwarding is a project that requires experience, skills and knowledge to prepare efficiently shipping documentation (also in languages ​​other than Polish). The knowledge of procedures and customs prevailing in non-European countries plays an important role in these matters. What's more, the forwarder will take care of the preparation of all documentation necessary for the transport of goods between different economic areas, among which it is worth emphasizing the transport documentation, permits, customs, and will also obtain appropriate licenses and insurance for the goods transported.

At the same time, it is at its discretion organization of transport not only in terms of choosing a carrier, determining the place of reloading, but also reloading goods, packing and securing shipments. It will also take care of transport monitoring and will generally ensure that the entire process is carried out efficiently and within the limits specified by the client.

Forwarder takes it all on himself responsibility for the transport of goods. His task is to ensure the implementation of the transport and constant contact with the customer.